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This is a bit of a different blog post for me but it literally came to me while I was walking my dog the other day. The pictures are from a trail – Morrell Sanctuary – here in Nanaimo, BC. It is so beautiful and as I was running/walking through the trail I noticed how [...]


I love tacos and always have. Most often I am very disappointed when ordering. I don’t eat meat and so it is usually all veggie or a fish taco – my issue – they don’t have enough stuff in them!!! Or they fill them with really cheap ingredients and cheese (that is not really cheese [...]

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Whew! I have been going through some big inner changes. Maybe it is this whole 50 thing but I know the changes were stirring in me way before I turned 50. How are you feeling? How are you being? How are you doing? Time to check-in. I have so much to say right now that [...]


Part of making healthy eating simple and doable when you are busy involves using a recipe in many ways. For example today I am giving you 2 recipes: Whether you follow a raw food diet, a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet, these 2 recipes will work for you! Recipe #1:  Is a Dressing using [...]