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Foods for energy

I worked full-time pretty much since out of high school so I have packed a whole lot of lunches. Today’s recipe is a delicious filling recipe that will not leave you feeling tired, full and bloated all afternoon. Broccoli Black Bean Salad with a Cheezy Sauce – recipe & pictures below I also have for [...]


So…can you relate to this: I have so much to do, I don’t have enough time to do it, I have things I want to do for myself but I just can’t take the time. I take care of my  family, my parents, my kids, my work, I have to cook and clean, do all the [...]


I love tacos and always have. Most often I am very disappointed when ordering. I don’t eat meat and so it is usually all veggie or a fish taco – my issue – they don’t have enough stuff in them!!! Or they fill them with really cheap ingredients and cheese (that is not really cheese [...]

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