Do you want personal, individualized support on your journey into a healthier lifestyle?

If you have been struggling with incorporating more raw and healthy foods into your diet,  losing weight, keeping the weight off, and staying consistent within your chosen lifestyle, then private, one-on-one coaching may be for you.

It is not about eating 100% raw foods.

It is also not about sticking to a strict diet and creating a struggle around food.

It is, however, about finding a lasting solution that works for you, and feeds your mind, body and Soul!

We’re simply going to start where you are now, and together, figure out where you want to be and then take steps to get you there.  Along the way, there will be lots of delicious, easy-to-prepare food (including desserts!), no deprivation, and plenty of inspiration and support to help you move towards the life you want.

Each person is different and has different nutritional requirements, activity levels and health issues. We will closely monitor how your body responds to food and customize your diet towards your own individual needs.  We’ll also help you integrate your new habits into your social and family life!

Coaching is so much more than me telling you what to do. It is about learning to understand your body in a new way, while receiving guidance and support.

Coaching can be done by phone or via Skype.

Our first step together is a free Lifestyle Strategy Session!  During this session, we’ll find out if we’re a good fit for a coaching relationship.  You can apply here.