Are you ready to get rid of foods that are full of fluff and filler but no nutrients?

Breads, crackers and wraps that contain preservatives, cheap ingredients, white flours, gluten and sugar that will spike your blood sugar and leave you craving more and feeling unsatisfied?




This is a 1 of a kind program. Why?

Because it contains not only a recipe book with all the delicious and easy to follow recipes for foods you will LOVE. It also contains all the information you will need, like the basics of dehydrating and a chart for soaking nuts and seeds BUT what is really different – is the you get HOW-TO VIDEOS! You can SEE how it is done – just like having a private dehydrating class of your own.

If you have tried dehydrating recipes before on your own you know that they can be tricky if you are not sure how to do it. There are different techniques for crackers, wraps, breads, etc. Raw Food dehydrating is very different than any kind of cooking and the BEST way to learn is to SEE someone do it. That is what you get in this program. That is why I have the HOW-TO VIDEOS as part of the program. IT IS SO CRUCIAL to how your things will turn out.

Easily make your own crackers, breads, wraps, pizza, falafels and so much more. Made with extremely nutrient filled ingredients and veggies. This is an easy way to add more veggies into your diet along with great omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

These will fill you up as well as giving you the crunch you crave from store bought crackers, the cooked texture of deep fried foods such as falafels and pakoras. A very healthy version of a pizza that tastes absolutely amazing! Check out the video above to see some of the recipes included in this program.

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Have you ever tried a recipe you found on the internet (or in a book) that used a whole TON of ingredients but sounded good, so you tried it and didn’t like it? You bought all the special ingredients in the recipe, set aside a couple hours out of your day, followed the directions and once it was done – you didn’t like it…..or it didn’t even turn out?

You just wasted your precious TIME and MONEY. The ingredients, especially for raw recipes, are not cheap. You don’t want to spend $40.00 just making 1 thing to then realize you don’t even like it or for some reason it didn’t turn out.

That is why I specifically designed my recipes the way they are. The perfect “trial” size. You haven’t made the recipes before so you don’t know how they are going to turn out. By making a smaller batch, you are practicing making something that is probably new to you, as well as you can see if you like the end product. Everyone who has tried these recipes LOVES them but doesn’t it sometimes take a couple times of making something to really perfect it? If you love the end result, you can then double or triple the recipe. I know how important your time and money is so I took that into account when making the recipes.

The Dehydrator I recommend is the Excalibur Dehydrator (places to buy on Vancouver Island listed at the bottom of the page)

 CLICK HERE - to buy the Excalibur online in the U.S.

CLICK HERE to buy the Excalibur online in Canada (at Upaya Naturals)

Dehydrated food is live food – the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are all there – just like you are eating fresh, raw foods. They are dehydrated at a temperature below 115 degrees. Precious nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are decreased when food is cooked above 115 degrees. That is why dehydrating is so great.

The recipes included in this program are:

CRACKERS: Blended Buckwheat, Chili Lime, Tuscan, Veggie, Simply Seedy, Kale Chip, Juice Pulp

PIZZA: Pizza Crust, Marinara, Vegetable Topping, Feta Nut Cheese

BREADS: Bread Sticks, Savoury Onion, Zucchini, Apple Ginger Loaf

WRAPS: Carrot Curry, Lemon Lime Carrot, Sunrise, Indian Spice, Spinach Citrus, Beet Carrot

TAPPAS: Falafels, Veggie Pakoras, Broccoli Bites, Bruschetta 

SNACKS: Apricot Orange Biscotti, Pecan Coconut Granola, Hero Cookies, Clili Lime Pepitas, Tamari Almonds, Yam Chips

KALE CHIPS: Spicy, Tahini Cheese, Sesame Tamari

SPREADS, SAUCES & NUT CHEESE: Guacamole, Easy Avocado Sandwich Spread, Spice-it-up Mustard Avo Spread, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Red Pepper Hummus, Hummus, Herb Nut Cheese

MEALS:  Avocado Sandwich, Indian Spice Wrap, Pickled Cabbage, Tahini Lemon Sauce, Portabella Mushroom Burger, Raw Nachos, Falafel Salad

19 Videos are available for you to watch anytime you need to. Have your computer or iPad in the kitchen with you and play the How-To video while you are making a recipe. This way you do it right!

Your investment for this All-Inclusive Program is ONLY $47! This is my introductory price so get it now!

CLICK on the “Buy Now” button below and you will be directed to a page to purchase the program.

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If you live on Vancouver Island you can find Excalibur Dehydrators at:

Island Naturals (Nanaimo), Naked Naturals (Parksville), Clinical Nutrition in Cline Medical Clinic (Nanaimo), possibly at Rawthentic Eatery (Qualicum Beach), Zen Zero in Courtenay, Triangle Healing Products (Victoria). There are probably more places than what I listed.

Please feel free to contact me: if you have any questions about the program or where to buy a dehydrator or what kind to buy.