Thank You for all of your wisdom and support during our 8 week program.  I do believe you changed my life. It is slow for sure but I really feel a large movement from me towards raw food.  I am feeling great and I think raw foods is going to be a big part of my healing process.  Thank you for that, you’re a life changer.      Jenna Forster – Ladysmith

Diana has been an inspiration to me…(food and not very healthy choices was an addiction to me for several years). Learning the new skills and healthier alternatives provides me with food choices that enrich my life.  Diana’s class is educational, inspirational and tasty.  Actually preparing the food in class so participants can see how to prepare and feel more confident with raw foods cooking…thank you and I look forward to continued learning.   Lisa

I decided to take this course to venture out of my comfort zone.  I had no idea what the next 8 weeks would bring but I was game to try.  Diana brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and fun, creative ideas to this group.  She allowed me to see food as a new experience to be enjoyed, knowing that everything that was prepared was something my body needed and could benefit from.  Eating healthy didn’t have to be a lot of work – she showed us how to keep things simple!     Shirley S


Previously I came away with many healthy recipes and suggestions when I took one of your classes but I struggled with how to fit them in to my life. I really enjoyed the program! I liked that the focus was not to lose weight but to learn about what we were eating and how it can affect our bodies and digestive systems. Through your program, I discovered how easy it was to incorporate more raw foods into my daily meals. I began reading labels and really thinking about what I was putting into my body. My energy increased, my headaches decreased and it was all so easy! There was no pressure and only encouragement. The group was great and the exchange of experiences, suggestions, etc. was fun. I would definitely recommend your classes and/or the program. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!    Raelle

The 8 week Raw Foods Program that I completed with Diana this fall has changed my life.  I have more energy.  I am sleeping better and I am able to maintain a constant weight without fluctuating.  I am having lots of fun experimenting with my new recipes, that are delicious and that are so easy to make.  I learned how to eat in a way that feeds my soul, whilst at the same time meeting wonderful people with whom I share common interests. 

 Thank you Diana for teaching us how to eat well and to have fun in the process.  Your patience and easy manner make this way of eating accessible to all!  I can’t wait to start Level ll  in the New Year.      Amanda

I’m following this program right now and I highly recommend it! Diana Marchand of Raw Foods Made Simple, has put together an incredibly valuable package for 10-days of clean eating, along with recipes, videos and plans. It feels good to nourish my body in this way and it’s fun to learn new techniques and get new recipes. Thank you, Diana!     Laura McCafferty

I just wanted to send an email saying how much I have enjoyed this program. I am still on the 10 day cleanse I started a bit later, Right now I am on day 7. I am feeling amazing and have noticed today that my skin is really glowy. I did find the first all raw food day hard but I made a little mistake I think in working out that morning, then the rest of the day I couldn’t satisfy myself for some reason but I got through it and found the second day much easier. I have found the recipes easy and each one is more delicious than the last. I haven’t had any problems adjusting to the program and I am planning on continuing it after the 10 days and learning more about raw food. I have even got a few styptics on board and interested in your program after seeing how easy it was and how good the food was, so I have passed on your info.    Terra B

Thank you for this great program Diana, I too really enjoyed it and found the recipes really delicious and so did my family. Ok, they didn’t eat quite as clean as I did, but really enjoyed what they tried. Today I made your Carrot Noodle Salad and it was a very big hit with everyone. Like Linda I had a day or two of detox symptoms, but I’m feeling full of energy and have also seen the scale drop more than a few pounds, even though that was not my whole motivation. So thanks again for your support, you’ve been such a valuable resource of knowledge throughout the whole process. I look forward to continuing with your 30 calendar of delicious recipes!     Kate P., Nanaimo

I want to let you know that part of my motivation for starting the program was because I was having a lot of joint pain – in my wrists, elbows, fingers, knees and ankles.  I knew that cleaning up my diet would alleviate some of this, and I wanted to see how far I could get before going to the doctor for treatment.  Well, now I have no joint pain.   Seriously.  Clearly, my sugar/wheat/caffeine habits were causing all kinds of inflammation (as well as wreaking havoc on my gut).  My head is clearer, my energy is better, and I just feel better about myself.        Linda B, Nanaimo

Diana’s raw food session was fantastic. I was amazed at how much information she gave orally, written and in her non-stop demonstrations. All nine of us in the fun group got to sample items and the session ended with an amazing meal of everything we were taught.

Romaine Windley, Nanaimo, BC

Diana is very knowledgeable and full of energy! She took time to explain everything and was very patient. Thanks!

Karen Proctor, Lantzville, BC

Excellent instructor! I especially loved the hands-on experience and variety. It gave me a great first time experience. I also loved the variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert ideas.

Jennifer Dowell, Nanaimo, BC

Eating raw is so much more than just veggies. The red pepper hummus and cashew cheese amazing. Diana was excellant with giving info and teaching. Very expressive.

Rahjah, Nanaimo, BC

This whole session was amazing! Diana is very knowledgeable. She has a lot of passion for raw foods and is very easy going. I can see the excitement in her voice. Great session!

Shannon Ferguson, Victoria BC

Loved to hear how easy sprouting is and loved that we got to try hands-on how to spread crackers. I learn much better by hands-on instruction. As always Diana was very informative and willing to share personal stories as to what has worked and what has not worked.

Linda, Nanaimo BC

Awesome – Thanks Diana! Great enthusiasm & energy – it’s contagious. Wonderful menu ideas, I came in curious about raw food and am leaving inspired!

Joanne Cooper, Nanaimo, BC

Personal & very knowledgeable, I really enjoyed this class!

Sierra, Nanaimo, BC

The session was fun. Diana is delightful! I would definitely sign up for other sessions!

(didn’t leave name)

I love Diana’s seminars. You don’t feel silly asking any questions. The groups are a nice size so you get a chance to meet new people, chat and share ideas.

Helen Gibbons, Nanaimo, BC

I like that being a diabetic I can enjoy some healthy treats! Thanks.

Roxanne, Nanaimo

Diana, I thought the class was great. I think you are well informed and your passion for health and well-being is contagious!

April Mathers, Nanaimo, BC

I enjoyed the session and really enjoyed listening to you speak about raw foods. I will definitely be trying the recipes and look forward to attending future sessions.

Sandi B, Nanaimo, BC

Awesome! Loved the session! Very casual and friendly. Good format.

Shelly, Nanaimo

I came away with lots of great ideas for lunches and the session was very upbeat and informative.

Barbara Johnson, Nanaimo

Your session was fun, educational and the food was delicious!

Linda McPhee, Nanaimo

Beautiful, fresh and tasty food prepared in a simple way

Kathleen Stevens, Nanaimo


The Raw Food Group was a good experience. It helped me realize that I need to accept the fact that “You are what you eat” and if I want to be an active athlete and not feel “old” I better start taking care of myself with good food. What really resonated with me was when you had us think about how we wanted to be as we age. If I want to stay healthy as I age, then I have to start taking care of myself now.

I have a lot to learn and am enjoying my smoothies, lots of salad greens and trying new things. I am really enjoying the process.

Doris Frank, Nanaimo, BC

I learned so much for the classes and coaching. I find this way of eating so easy. I don’t have to count calories or think about what I should or should not eat or what is on the list of “safe eating” foods. I lost weight without much effort, just be eating better. I am more conscious when I eat at a restaurant or eat while traveling. I notice the difference right way how my body feels when I eat differently. I prefer to feel good, therefore it is easy to stay on track. I don’t have to count calories or points or weight my food. I know what foods to eat and what I shouldn’t and that makes it so simple for me.

I have learned to prepare great tasting recipes that are satisfying and filling. The recipes Diana demonstrates are easy and fast. That way I can continue to eat in a healthy way.

Barb Don, Nanaimo, BC

The first raw food session I attended of Diana’s was a real eye-opener. I don’t remember what I thought a raw food diet was, but I was hoping to take away a few new healthy recipes that I could add to my fairly healthy diet at the time. That one afternoon started such a change in the way I thought about food. I immediately started to incorporate the fantastic (and simple) recipes Diana demonstrated, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Without even trying, I started to lose weight and feel more energetic. My chronic digestive problems started to clear up and I was sleeping better. This prompted me to go to more sessions and even attend the 6 Week Coaching program with Diana, which was fantastic!

I learned to prepare new and exciting foods and met some really great like-minded people to share ideas with. Diana provided a wealth of information about nutrition, shopping, varying recipes and how to prepare foods for everyday life and how to adapt when travelling.

Thanks Diana – I look forward to continuing on this journey and continuing to learn from you!

Linda Brandmeier, Nanaimo, BC

By taking the program with Diana I felt that seeing her demonstrate the preparation of raw food really helped me change the way I prepare and eat. Which has helped me with my sugar cravings and my stomach pain.

I lost weight and am now at my ideal weight and it feels good. I fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to in a while.

I always thought I ate healthy, but wondered why I experienced a lot of discomfort and pain after eating. This had gone on for years. I was also eating too much sugar and always craved it.

After I attended Diana’s raw food classes and the 6 week coaching program, I no longer experienced the pain or discomfort I once did. (That is of course if I eat correctly). I now know how eating proper affects how I feel.

My sugar cravings have stopped and I know how to make healthy dessert-like treats that keep me satisfied.

I enjoyed the group coaching atmosphere and environment. I was encouraged to know others were going through similar challenges with food and health. The group shared ideas, recipes, knowledge and was very supportive.

I highly recommend Diana’s classes and coaching program, they have changed the way I eat and definitely the way I feel.

Marlene Don, Nanaimo, BC

I appreciated that you kept reiterating that we didn’t have to do anything we were not ready to do and to take small baby steps. It wasn’t rammed down our throats that it was your way or no way, and you were willing to listen to what we had to say. I liked the fact that you said you were not perfect when it came to eating so we didn’t feel any way inferior when we had a slip. Your acceptance of where each of us was made everyone feel included and safe.

I think we had a great group of women and I enjoyed being with them very much.

I love your classes and definitely see myself attending more of them. I would highly recommend your class to anyone who was looking for an alternative way of eating.

Sierra, Nanaimo, BC

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E-mail: rawgoodsdiana@yahoo.com