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Healthy Snacks, Food & Recipes for Kids

FOOD KIDS SHOULD AVOID & FOODS KIDS SHOULD EAT With the rise of obesity amongst children, it is so crucial to start them on the healthy path at a young age. It is up to us, the parents to educate ourselves and to provide the best possible food (meaning nutrition) for our children. We chose [...]


LETS SAY BYE-BYE TO ARTIFICIAL FOOD DYES AND FOOD COLORINGS! I am posting a direct letter from the newsletter of the Feingold Association. This is directly from their newsletter that I signed up for. I really suggest that you sign up for it also to keep informed of this oh so important issue. The Feingold [...]


I just bought Ani Phyo’s new book: “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials”. It is a very nice hard cover book with a ton of great raw food recipes. I was browsing through the book to get some great ideas and felt like a snack so I made myself some raw dairy free, nut-free ice cream. I [...]


I loved Halloween as a kid, but now…I kind of dread it. The dangers of Halloween candy, in fact most colored candy full of sugar, preservatives and food dyes, really FRIGHTEN ME!!! If only bobbing for apples were enough but….it is the candy that gets the kids out there going house to house. Check out [...]

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