About Me


My name is Diana Marchand, and I am a Transformational Wellness coach. I have worked as a Raw Food Chef, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

I help make healthy eating and living simple for women so they can live a life of vibrant health and energy – at ANY age.

I hold workshops, classes and courses as well as online programs guiding women into a healthy lifestyle. Health is more than just what you eat and needs to be looked at holistically and that each person is an individual. What works for 1 may not work for another.

Here’s how I began my journey towards healthier eating and incorporating more raw foods into my diet.

At 21 I ended up with a lump on my thyroid which ended up being cancer. They removed 1/2 of my thyroid. That was my first “hello” to – “wow, you just never know.” To how we can be walking around thinking nothing is wrong and that we are maybe “invincible” and then something happens that wakes us up and reminds us that we need to take responsibility for our health always, not just think about it when we get sick.

From my mid to late 20′s I experienced bad headaches and digestive issues. I popped a lot of pills for the pain as doctors said there was nothing wrong (that they could see) and of course their recommendation was keep taking extra strength Tylenol until the headache goes away.

I found ways of sort of dealing with my digestive issues – tweaking and changing my diet. Lots of exercise and trips to the naturopath and trying Chinese medicine. The headaches – they were another thing. Nothing seemed to work.

Then in my later 30′s and doing a lot of work on what I ate I was researching (as I always did) and found out about sulphites and headaches. Then looked more into things and found out about preservatives, chemicals, colors and  dyes in food and drinks. I began reading ALL labels of foods and drinks and stopped eating things that had preservatives and my headaches greatly decreased.

It was hard at restaurants as I wasn’t quite sure (still that way) what they may have in even their “homemade sauces”. This has been a struggle and sometimes I get really sick – still from something I ate. My system is very sensitive and cannot deal with any toxins.

This is good and bad because it has really forced me to continually clean up how I eat.

I have worked on my health and wellness for years. I  became a personal trainer and a yoga instructor. I was fit and had a clean healthy diet and then…..then I hit my mid-forties, and the small digestive problems that I thought were just a normal part of life became much more pronounced.  I was bloated, I had acid reflux, and for the first time, I gained weight, especially in my mid-section.

So there I was, sporting a muffin top for the first time in my life.  Meanwhile, women were coming to me as a personal trainer, asking me for advice on their diet … and what I had been taught to tell them wasn’t working.  And I knew this form personal experience.  And so, not only for myself, but for my clients, I was determined to find what works – for me, and for other women in their forties and beyond.

I once again tweaked my diet and changed things up. My acid reflux completely disappeared and I lost weight – I actually got down to a weight that I was in my 20′s when I was in my later 40′s. When women gain weight and then gain more weight. I found what worked for me and I LOVE to help women find what works for them (each individual is different).

I began teaching classes and workshops on how to make healthy, nutritious foods in easy and simple ways. I began offering programs and watched women get fantastic results by making changes and shifts in what they ate and how they think about food. It is a ripple affect because they in turn influence other people to change to a healthier lifestyle also.

I was then asked to help open up a restaurant in the city I live in. The restaurant (which now has 2 locations and is franchising) serves raw and vegan food. Me and another woman set up the restaurant, developed the recipes and menu plan and I worked there as head chef for 2 years. I loved the experience but knew that was not what I wanted to do anymore. I was still teaching my classes and programs on the side and that is what I truly loved to do and continue to do.

I am now 51 and am at a great weight and have maintained it. I never did put on the 12-20 lbs that they say most women put on in middle age.

I don’t believe we’re doomed to gain ten or twenty pounds, just because we’re getting older.  I think we can enjoy vibrancy, a high level of energy, and stay active, independent, and healthy as we get older.  It’s not a topic we like to think about – how our bodies will support us when we’re sixty, seventy and beyond.  But I believe that laying a solid foundation for health starts now, and we will continue to benefit from that foundation for the rest of our lives.

If you want to gain energy, stop the weight gain, boost your metabolism and your immune system and live a healthy passion-filled life but not sure where to start, contact me for a FREE Discovery Session!  I can’t wait to speak with you and help you uncover what is not working for you, what has been holding you back from getting results and what you can start to do now to begin living a healthy, happy life!

Questions to: diana@rawfoodsmadesimple.com