Hemp Milk & Homemade Granola

by diana on March 14, 2015

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

What is your favourite breakfast?

My green smoothie is a must but if I am hungry I have always loved granola. I used to buy that really sweet boxed granola (and even somehow believed it was really healthy). It was easy and I would snack on it during the day too. But wow, so much sugar in it!!

When I was high raw I wasn’t eating granola (the baked kind), I would sometimes eat a museli with chia gel and sprouted buckwheat, which I still love. I also made raw granola – which is really good but it doesn’t stay “crunchy” like baked granola does.

When I get the craving for the “crunch” and the roasted flavor of granola I make it. CLICK HERE for my YouTube video on making granola.

Hemp milk is a great way to add some high nutrition to granola or any breakfast.

Some benefits of hemp seeds are:

  • One of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

  • High in protein, Omega 3, Vitamin E (3 x the amount as flax seeds), GLA and protein, 33% protein by volume and contains essential fatty acids

  • Richest source of EFA’s in plant kingdom. Hemp seeds are about 35% oil.

Just blend the above ingredients in a blender on high speed. You don’t really need to strain it. But I would not really use it in coffee or tea as it is a bit “gritty”. But perfect for a smoothie!

┬áThis hemp milk is a great alternative to almond milk and it’s faster and easier.

The one thing is that it doesn’t last long – it settles fast so I would make it fresh each time you want it.

Wishing you,


With Love, Diana


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