How To Free Up Some Time

by diana on February 14, 2015

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One thing I hear from women over and over again is “I just don’t have enough time”!

Women are busier than ever and are still trying to do it all!

It is true that You Can Have It All – BUT….and a BIG BUT……You CANNOT Do It All!

Trying to do it all – as well as do everything for others  - will burn you out. No wonder the 2nd most common thing I hear from women is “I am so tired, I don’t have any energy”.

In this video I take you through an exercise on:

How To Free Up More Time  and Focus on Your Health and YOUR life.

The life you want to live, the life that fills you with joy.

How to be more calm and centred and able to make decisions that keep you in alignment with how you want to feel and be each day. Instead of feeling tired, frustrated and being too busy to even cook a healthy meal.

CLICK HERE for the exercise handout (don’t worry the exercise won’t take long). Get a pen and paper, sit down and watch the video and then you can start shifting things for the better.

NOTE: Make sure you start the video from the beginning – it may start part way in (at least it did for me)

My new website is coming together and so are my new programs! But in the meantime you can check out one of the pages of my new site.

If you know you want to feel better, you know you want more energy, you have symptoms that are bothering you, you can’t get motivated and would love some direction and guidance – sign up for a free Discovery Session with me (no obligation) and we can chat and see what are your main obstacles and challenges and how you can begin to shift and change them and get the direction, motivation and inspiration you need.

Wishing you


With love, Diana

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