Salad – Tofu Saute with Creamy Nut Sauce

by diana on January 31, 2015

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

This salad is DELISH! It will fill you up and is high in protein.

I do not eat a lot of tofu at all – maybe once every 2 months. But when I do my favourite way is to fry it and make a creamy nut sauce to stir into it. So good!

Because tofu does not have a flavour it really needs something and peanut sauces are excellent. You can really simplify this by adding a Tamari/oil/ginger marinate (olive oil, Tamari, apple cider vinegar and grated fresh ginger) instead but the creamy nut sauce is worth the work.

The creamy nut sauce is also great on a stir fry or a kale salad.



Wishing you


With Love, Diana

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