Perfect Holiday Salad

by diana on December 7, 2014

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During the holiday season we tend to be invited out more. Getting together with family and friends and of course eating more than we usually do along with foods that are – well – not so healthy for us.

My motto is “everything in moderation”.

If you are going to enjoy a Christmas treat – I want you to ENJOY it! Really! Do not feel guilty or beat yourself up.

BUT….do not eat 12!! Eat 1!

In this post I have a perfect holiday salad for sharing. Bring this salad when you are invited to dinner. It will be a hit with everyone.

This salad as you can see is bright, colourful and delicious!

If you leave the lettuce out it can last in the fridge for 4 or more days – you can make a HUGE batch!

(Recipe is below)


I want to talk to you about eating healthy over the holidays and the mistake most people make that leads them to gaining weight and feeling heavy and bloated during the holidays and after.

There was a time when I was eating really high raw so I didn’t eat any of the traditional holiday foods. But I was ok with it and that was my choice. I also made a lot of the raw food and put it on the table also – most people loved it!

I believe people do want healthier options during the holidays – they really do. But they also want the regular holiday food as well. That is OK.

You do not have to be high raw, you do not even have to be vegan or vegetarian – but it is about being conscious and thinking about moderation.

The MISTAKE women tend to make is having the “all or nothing” attitude. By having this attitude you set yourself up for failure because as soon as you slip up once – you give up.

I see this a lot and it is not about having to be PERFECT all the time. It is about being consistent and finding a balance that works perfect for YOU - not anyone else and if you keep giving up – you will NEVER reach any goals or you will NEVER be happy or satisfied – only frustrated.

Here are some tips:

  1. With each meal you have over the holidays – make sure there is at least 1 really healthy dish on the table too and eat more of that

  2. Have 2 healthy green smoothies a day – loaded with real greens and some super foods – this way no matter what else you eat you will have had some great nutrients. So you are still feeding your body the fuel and food it needs in the smoothies but are still enjoying some of the holiday treats and foods that contain no healthy nutrients.

  3. Before going to a party – eat a small healthy meal or drink a smoothie so that you are not really hungry when you get there. 

  4. Bring a healthy dish or dessert to the party and a big plate of veggies

  5. Enjoy and savour each bite of the holiday treat you do have at the party. Eat slow, really be in the moment and celebrate the food you love. Do not gulp it down thinking the faster you eat it the calories will not count.

  6. Do not put negative energy into any food or into your body or about your body. Give thanks for the wonderful food, love yourself, love your body and really soak in and enjoy the festivities and the food – do not rush it. No guilt – but do remember MODERATION.

  7. Do this: 2 veggie sticks, 1 bite of holiday treat, 3 veggie sticks, 1 bite of holiday treat, etc. This way you are eating a lot but you are eating also a lot of the healthy food but still eating the treats! This is what I do all the time at parties and holiday dinners. I do this at home also – all year.

  8. Drink a lot of water – even if you are having a drink (alcohol or not) – always have a glass of water too.

  9. Make the veggies the largest portion of your plate

  10. Try not to mix a starch with a meat protein. This will cause bloating and that heavy, uncomfortable feeling (look at food combining rules to find out more and why this is not healthy). If you want the turkey – skip the potatoes and bread (or have very little) and a whole lot of veggies with this. OR have the potatoes and no turkey (or very little) and a whole lot of veggies. 

Have you started each new year making a resolution to lose weight and eat healthier but it has never stuck and you are getting frustrated and are thinking “why bother this year”?

If YES…..then let’s chat.

Maybe it is time you get some help. Not a crash diet, no pills or expensive supplements that work great when you take them but when you stop you gain all the weight back – I mean real help – to make a lifestyle change and in a way where you are fully supported, guided and given the exact steps to take.

You can do this. You can do this and not feel deprived or like you have to give up everything you love. You can do this in a way where you are shown the way and given so many wonderful, delicious recipes that you are excited to eat healthy and you begin to feel wonderful right away.

CLICK HERE if you are ready, now or in the New Year, to gain control of your weight, your health and feel empowered again.

Wishing you


With Love



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