How To Mix Healthy Foods with Not-So-Healthy Foods

by diana on November 29, 2014

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

How to blend healthy food with not-so healthy food

I eat really healthy, but of course I like foods that are not so healthy for me. I used to eat really high raw and really clean but now I have found a perfect balance for me of really healthy food with some hmmmmm “not-so-healthy” foods”. But it works. This may not work for everyone but I believe this helps people stay on track more than trying to follow a really strict eating plan.

(Recipe for the Tumeric Lentil Stew/Soup – is below)

In this post I am going to talk about – How to blend really healthy food with not-so-healthy food and make it work for you!

The picture above is my supper tonight. Earlier today I made the red lentil soup/stew and tonight I heated it up for supper and on the side I had some thin organic corn cakes – one with peanut butter and the other with avocado and pickles!!

One of my favourite foods that is not so good for you – is peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter!! Peanut butter is perfect with a bowl of soup – to me that is the prefect combo. OK, grilled cheese and soup is actually perfect but since I don’t have those anymore – peanut butter on anything is what I love.

You may be thinking that peanut butter is not so bad but it is the most unhealthy nut butter. Almond butter IS a healthier option. (And I do eat almond butter too)

Another “unhealthy” food that I like every so often is french fries – yes good old-fashioned french fries.

When I go out for dinner I sometimes like to eat things that I never cook at home. French fries are one of them. Also – when I go out to a pub or some place where I fear they may cook with preservatives – french fries are something that is usually always safe for me to eat.

BUT….when I have french fries I usually have them on their own or with something really healthylike a salad.

I find that most people think “since I am already having something fatty and unhealthy like french fries I might as well have something else unhealthy too.” Starting the downward spiral of “I ate bad last night so I might as well eat bad today, etc, etc.” I NEVER do that.

You don’t have to. You CAN eat one of your favourite foods and really enjoy it if it is only once in a while and the other times you are eating healthy.

It is an attitude of “ALL OR NOTHING” that screws people up. 

When you believe that you have to do it 110% or don’t do it at all and  that you must eat super clean or else don’t even bother – you sabotage yourself every time.

Well, what happens is that you say “this just isn’t the right time, I just can’t do it right now.” “If I can’t do it right, then I am not going to bother until later.” So you continue eating like you always have and not even make any changes toward a healthier diet.

To me, that doesn’t make sense.

Start, just start by including even just 1 healthy thing in your diet consistently each day. 

That can be as easy as a green smoothie.

If you do want to go out and have something that is not too healthy, remember – just eat healthy the whole day – then enjoy whatever you eat at night. the french fries with salad like I do.

If you have 1 not-so-healthy food – then have 1 or more really healthy foods.

This makes it easy and makes it so doable.

Below is some suggestions for ways to eat healthier during the week:

  • Add fresh greens to your soups, stews and stir frys

  • When you eat a starch (like rice, noodles, lentils, potatoes, eans) have more veggies than the starch

  • If you do not like the taste of stevia – try a mix of honey and stevia (that is what I do)

  • Instead of rice with your stir fry – have green lentils, quinoa or buckwheat

  • Make your own salad dressings instead of buying salad dressings (store-bought dressings tend to have preservatives, wheat, soy, etc in them)

  • Have 2 green smoothies a day (loaded with super powders) if you are unable to eat that well that day.

  • If you are rushing out the door and think you don’t have enough time to eat, make a smoothie loaded with protein powder, chia gel, hemp seeds, goji berries, green powder a long with fruit, water and fresh greens. Highly nutritious and it will fill you up for a bit.

  • If eating at a restaurant – look at the menu as a list of ingredients. Look at all the ingredients contained in various meals and make your own meal – they usually will do it. Have a couple of side dishes, add more veggies to your salad, make up your own veggie saute or stir fry with the ingredients that restaurant has. Sub ingredients – If there is a lot of cheese in a salad – skip the cheese and add avocado or black beans, etc.

  • When out and doing errands and get hungry – don’t stop for fast food – stop at a grocery store and many now have pre-made salads, chopped fruit in containers to go, salads in the deli area that you can choose the size you want and mix and match. These are fast to grab and pretty cheap.

  • If you eat eggs, instead of having an egg on toast – have an egg on a bed of sauteed greens. OR quinoa with sauteed greens and an egg on top. 

  • Instead of real hollandaise sauce – make a raw cheese sauce to add on veggies and or eggs.

  • Instead of pancakes – use eggs, garlic, onion and chopped greens (like kale or spinach or Swiss chard), salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, tumeric – stir well and pour into heated pan with oil – make a large pancake – top with coconut oil and some coconut syrup or maple syrup

 Wishing you


With Love, Diana




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