Start your day the calm, centred way!

by Administrator on September 4, 2014

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How do you start your day?

Do you stay in bed until the very last minute….then you slowly get out of bed and drag yourself to the bathroom to wash up and brush your teeth.  But then…..

RUSH, RUSH, RUSH… out the door

What a way to start your day!

Because…..most of the time our whole day is also spent rushing and doing so many things…..we go through our day full of stress and anxiety – forgetting to even BREATHE!!

That is not a way to live. That will only leave you feeling tired and exhausted!

How can you possibly change that?

This is what today’s video is all about (scroll down to watch)

I am not telling you to rearrange your day or even to change your day right now – but I am asking you to give yourself some time in the morning and some time before bed to do a ritual.

This time could be as little as 5 minutes (morning and evening) or longer of course. 20 minutes is a great amount of time.

Doing a ritual (that is right for you) can make a HUGE difference on how you feel throughout the day.

Why not start your day the calm and centred way and see how that improves everything in your life.

ALSO - it does not have to be meditating – I tell you ways you can help to reduce stress and overwhelm and become more calm and peaceful in the morning and throughout the day.

This can be something you really look forward to every single day - I know I do and I have a ritual I go through every single day which helps me look forward to getting up in the morning! Imagine that! I tell you what I do in the video.

One of the things I mention that I do each morning (and most evenings) is I read Angel Cards. They are a deck of cards but each contain a really good positive message and sometimes a prayer or an action to take.

I bought them at Chapters. They are not for everyone but they help me feel centred, get insight (like intuition) and feel really supported by the universe. It has really shifted my thinking and helped me stay calm, peaceful and centred (ok, most of the time – not all of the time).

They are tools to use for stress reduction, overwhelm, confusion, uncertainty, feeling down, etc. I use many tools as I do believe we need to experience all of our emotions but we do not need to be STUCK in an emotion that doesn’t serve us.

I HIGHLY suggest you find something that works and resonates with you. I do a bit of meditating, deep breathing, grounding techniques, reading books with positive messages, listen to positive YouTube videos and use my angel cards as well as a pendulum.

So as you can see – I like variety – but these also will change as time goes on. I have changed what I do – when I feel like I want to try something else – I do.

The most IMPORTANT THING is to find something that makes you feel really good – a ritual (or a couple) that work for you and do them consistently – every, single day!

Please DO NOT SAY YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME - why, because you do.

If you need help finding time to do a ritual (if you cannot see how you can find the time) or you want some ideas – PLEASE CONTACT ME – I can help you with that because I know the HUGE positive affects that these consistent rituals can have in your life. (

Here are the Angel Cards I use and I have drawn 2 cards for you – check that out below:

These (above) are Archangel Michael Angel Cards. There are various kinds.

These cards also come with a guidebook where you read about each card. I will have the reading underneath the cards I pulled.

NOTE: These cards refer to “God” which means whatever higher power YOU believe in. 

Description of the above Angel Cards:

A Favorable Outcome - Card

Prayer: Thank you for the beautiful outcome to this situation, which is perfect and fair for everyone involved. Thank you, Archangel Michael, for helping me trust and have faith.

From the book:  A situation you’re concerned about has already resolved itself with fairness and justice, and you (and others involved) will be pleased with the outcome. Heaven’s ingenuity has devised a plan that’s beyond the scope of human imagination. You may not see the solution at this moment, but trust that it’s already in place. You’re guided to give your worries or anger to Archangel Michael, for there’s no need to burden yourself. The more that you can let go and allow God to be in charge, the faster your favourable outcome will manifest.

Write About Your Thoughts and Feelings – Card

Prayer: Thank you for helping me tap into my God-given creativity and wisdom so I clearly express myself and gleam insight, blessing and healing.

From the book: The card indicates that you are confused by conflicted feelings and are unsure of which direction to go in. Archangel Michael will help you delve into your emotions, peeling away the layers in order to reach your inner core truth. He guides you to write down everything you’re thinking and feeling  - without editing or censoring your words. Keeping a private journal will enable you to gain insights into nature of what you genuinely desire. This clarity will illuminate the steps you need to take next!

As always


With Love, Diana

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