Living life through a walk in the woods

by diana on August 7, 2014

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This is a bit of a different blog post for me but it literally came to me while I was walking my dog the other day.

The pictures are from a trail – Morrell Sanctuary - here in Nanaimo, BC. It is so beautiful and as I was running/walking through the trail I noticed how the trail is a metaphor for life. Read on and let me know what you think – leave me a comment!

Looking up and in and seeing who you truly are and your amazing potential. What you aspire to feel, where you aspire to be and what you aspire to do. It first starts with a vision.

Start with a strong foundation. A tree first grows deep roots before it reaches for the sky.

Become deeply connected to who you are and be grounded in your body and the earth.

Your path will have some hills and spots that require you to stay strong and to step up. A lot of effort may be required and you will have to dig deep within. Know that you have immense power and strength within you and around you. You can do it.

There will be a place for you to rest and rejuvenate. Make sure you do this. Regain your strength and energy for you are not going to stay there long. Life is calling you to grow, expand and experience it fully.

After you rest, it is time to go within yourself. Ask for guidance and be open to receiving a sign. Be ready and willing.

You will stumble upon obstacles that may cause you to trip and even fall. Don’t give up, get up, brush yourself off, wipe away the tears and refocus. Keep your faith and move forward. There is no need to look back or even destroy the obstacles, just move through and past them.

When you come to a place of uncertainty and you do not know how to get to the other side, have faith, ask for guidance and a bridge will be shown to you. Trust it and cross over it.

When you become very clear on where you hope to go at that moment, a map will appear and you will be shown the way.

You will be lead to the perfect place at the perfect time.

You will feel level and safe. It will be a solid place to rest and to be.

But again, not for long as life calls upon you to grow and evolve.

You realize that there is no final destination – there is only the journey.

You then know, with complete faith, that you are always guided, supported and loved.

Reach for the sky but remember to keep your roots firmly planted in the earth.

That way you will feel at home within yourself wherever you.  It is only this moment that counts, it is only this moment that you can live in.


If you try to carry a lot of baggage and stuff with you, your journey will be so much harder. You will get tired, exhausted and feel weak. But if you release the stuff that is weighing you down you will move forward with vibrant energy.  You will also be leaving room to allow in the things that will support you in each moment of your journey.

Continue to release what does not serve you and do not be attached to any “thing” or any “one”. Remember that each person is on their own journey. If they are meant to walk along side of you, the space and place will allow it.

I hope you enjoyed this different post for me today and next time you go for a walk, be present and be in the now. See what comes up for you.

Leave a comment below – do you use your intuition and if so, do you trust it and follow it?

Wishing you….


With Love, Diana

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