Foods to eat for energy and to release the weight

by diana on August 18, 2014

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Food is necessary to survive. But we don’t just eat to survive. Food is part of our family. It is at every family celebration, ritual, holiday and even beach time.

Since it is so intertwined with special family time there are many emotions attached to it. The foods our mother cooked when we grew up, the foods that you only had a Christmas time and when you smell now – take you right back to Christmas (or any other religious celebration).

Foods comfort us when we are feeling down, we celebrate with food when we have something fantastic to celebrate.

The foods are often not the most healthy foods for us but thinking about letting go of them may make you feel like you are giving up a good friend. And that is very true.

Please note that I do not insist you get rid of any of those foods that you love and have cherished memories around. I am all about bringing in more of the good foods. When you bring in more good, the bad stuff naturally decreases. You will feel more energy and the cravings will decrease (happens every time).

In this video I cover a ton of great information to get you motivated and really clear on what are the foods to bring in so you begin to feel better now. It doesn’t have to be hard – REALLY!! When you eat the “right foods” you are on your way to energy, health and releasing the weight.

This is the 1st of 2 videos on FOOD. So there will be another one coming in a couple days!

Watch it now and after watching let me know what trips you up in eating healthy consistently?

Comment below: After watching this – what still (or has been) tripping you up when it comes to eating healthy consistently?

¬†Wishing you…


With Love, Diana

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