Living Your Truth and Living Healthy & Happy – the ever evolving self

by diana on July 18, 2014

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Whew! I have been going through some big inner changes. Maybe it is this whole 50 thing but I know the changes were stirring in me way before I turned 50.

How are you feeling? How are you being? How are you doing?

Time to check-in. I have so much to say right now that my body is so full of energy and feels like it is vibrating. I had to stop and do some yoga just so I could sit and focus.

If you follow me on Facebook (my personal and/or business pages) you might have noticed that I have not been on it much lately. I have been so, so scattered and all over the place. I have been shifting and feeling confused, unsettled, like something was wrong. I could not put my finger on it. But I have been asking for guidance and support (from people and the universe) and I have received it!!

So now I sit here with so, so much to say.

It would all be easier if I just kept all this to myself, but my mission and purpose in life to “teach” and “share” and “help” others. I really, truly want to help you.

I am in the process of taking out the “Raw Foods Made Simple” – I still LOVE raw foods but my message and vision and mission is so, so much more than just “raw foods”. Just a heads-up.

Today’s message is about living your truth. Living and making decisions with your top values in mind.

Below is a video I recorded the other day while out for a walk with my dog. I was in a really confused and odd state and this all came to me while I was walking and I wanted to share it with you. I hope you will relate to this and that it will help or give you some ideas or even “ah-ha” moments. Let me know what you think….

In the video I tell you what my top values are – Freedom, Health, Joy and how important it is to live by your top values.

How when you make decisions with your top values in mind, life becomes easier. You will also be healthier and happier. You are able to stay more motivated and on track.


Have you thought about what they are? Do you make sure they are high on your priority list?

If you are not sure what they are then it is time to do some soul-searching. Because – who are you then being? Is your life the way you want it to be or are you living for other people?

Do you feel tired, exhausted, frustrated, unhappy, confused, like something is wrong but you are not sure what, helpless and like you are stuck on a roller coaster and don’t know how to stop? Are you stressed and unhappy?

If you are feeling any of these things it could be because you are not really living the life you are meant to live.

You are not being truly who you are.

I value Freedom Of Choice – so I want to make decisions that feel right for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t think of others because if I made a decision that would really hurt someone I love (like my daughter) it would not make me feel JOY so I probably wouldn’t make it. See what I mean? But I will not make a decision just to please someone else if it went against everything I believed or if it took away my freedom. If it made me do something I didn’t like to do that didn’t serve me or my loved ones in any way.

Health Рhealth is everything to me. Without health РI lose freedom and I am not happy. So I do all I can to keep myself healthy. But, like I mentioned in the video, I am not that healthy right now so I saw someone yesterday, I got checked out and am now on some supplements that are really high quality and will help me feel better soon. I am also taking better care of  myself and watching my stress and making sure to rest, relax and breathe.

Joy – I cannot imagine living each day without experiencing joy. I know I am not totally “happy” every minute but I want to do things during the day that make me feel joyful. That is as simple as going to a nice coffee shop, having a drink I love and reading, writing or working on my computer. I also love to go for walks/hikes with my dog. Those things I do almost every day as well as the other things I have to get done. But…I do not continually deny myself things I love because I am “too busy”.

My burnout – that I am experiencing now is caused from a few things but I have not really been living in full alignment with who I am. I have been doing some things that I am meant to do but there are other things that I am denying or putting off and telling myself that they are just not that important. Well, it takes a lot of energy to be someone you are not and to continually deny yourself things you want.

I have been working so hard at doing what I feel I “should” be doing and being the way I “should” be that it just gets exhausting!

I have been doing what others do and wondering why I am not able to do other things that someone else seems to do with ease (these are relating to my business). I didn’t stop and ask myself what I wanted or what I wanted to do. I kept thinking that other people would know best what I need to do.

Finally after a few years of doing this it has become too much! I am now sitting with myself and listening to me and being ok with what I want. Trying to dig deep and find out what that really is.

Have you said to yourself “I really want ______, BUT…….”

Yes, most of us do that.

So dig deep, go within, what are your top values? How do you want to live your days? What do you really want to do in your job/career, life, etc? Start to get to know YOU.

As always I wish you….


With love, Diana


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