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What about Yamcakes?

We do tend to be creatures of habit and therefore pretty much start our day the same way every day. Since the weekend is here I thought I would send you a recipe that would be GREAT for Sunday Brunch. It is gluten-free of course but it is cooked and my recipe does contain an egg (which you could switch possibly for a flax egg).

 If you are from the states you may refer to these as sweet potatoes. Here (or maybe just me) the orange-yellow ones are yams and the pale yellow-white ones are sweet potatoes. They both are different in texture and taste but you could use either.

Maybe you have had potato pancakes before – which usually incorporate flour – but these of course do not contain flour. I love these when I am really hungry and want something different. As you can see I also incorporate some greens as I do in most things I make – love my greens!!! (And really, really missing them here in Mexico!)


  • 2 C grated yam
  • 1 egg (may need 2 if egg is small) – I am doing this by memory
  • 2-3 chopped green onion (or regular onion about 3 Tbsp)
  • 1/2 C – 1 C of finely chopped kale or spinach
  • Salt and pepper to taste & pinch of cinnamon

Oil for frying

For flax egg – combine 2 Tbsp ground flax with about 1/4 C  water – let sit for 10 minutes.

Grate yam and add to a bowl, add other ingredients and stir well to combine. If it seems too dry then you may have to add the 2nd egg. Heat oil in the pan. Once oil is hot I use a table spoon to take some of the batter and form a pancake shape in pan – these may not seem to stick too well at first but use your spoon and do your best to make in to smaller pancake shape. Cook until lightly brown on one side and then flip. Careful not to burn them!

Sometimes I drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top – very good!!


Well, everything moves slower here in Mexico – it really does….I think I am going to get something done by a certain time but then – no. Dealing with Wifi a lot and sometimes it works and sometimes not. So I can work from my hotel sometimes, then all of a sudden it quits and I have to go out and get to a place with good Wifi. We do take a lot of things for granted back in North America for sure.

I love that no one is in a hurry, everyone is chill, people are all generally happy. The tourists of course as they are on holidays so all in a good mood. Tonight is an outdoor market we are heading out tonight for super and then to the market.

Mostly we have been (my friend is here now) making our own meals. There is not a huge selection of places to eat here and it would be great to have maybe some more vegan or vegetarian places that served some salads!! Oh, how I miss my greens and salads!

Today I did laundry – took a load to the laundry mat, which is actually expensive to do yourself. Cost me $25 pesos (about $2.10) to do my own wash and then I hung them to dry on the roof of the hotel – glad they have that here! To get someone to do all your laundry for you it only costs $30 pesos! So of course people get someone to do it for them but you have to have a certain amount and I did not have that much. Next time I will know.

Below are a few more pics for you as well as a video my friend Karen did of me yesterday morning in the kitchen while I was making us a smoothie

WATERFRONT DOWNTOWN right off of Town Square.

BIKE SHOP where we rented our bikes



You can just see the top of it – it is still standing even after being battered by a hurricane. You see it in a lot of pictures of Puerto Morelos. This view is from standing on the waterfront pad by Town Square (where I took the 1st picture)

HAND SCULPTURE – love this! Right on the pad on the waterfront. 

LAUNDRY – Where I did my laundry (very exciting huh?)

Below is the video of our morning yesterday – making breakfast! My friend was the video girl that day


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