Intuition or Fear? How can tell? What about Self Sabotage?

by diana on March 14, 2014

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Buenos Dias – I have been in Puerto Morelos for 10 full days now and starting my 11 day.

Times seems to have gone so fast test so slow at the same time. When I first got here I was very excited and a bit anxious. I truly LOVE going to new places and having new experience. It makes me feel alive!

I have called this trip by “Freedom at 50 Tour” as I turned 50 recently and that brought on a lot of soul searching (I do not chose to call it a mid-life crisis). I think that is horrible – this is no crisis! I think it is all about coming alive again, finding time to do what your soul wants to to do.

I hope this inspires other women to go after what they have always wanted.

And….I have already influenced one fabulous woman so far who, in just a few weeks, if flying to Puerto Vallarta for 3 weeks!!! I am so happy that I helped give her the courage to do so.

Taking off to a hot climate may not be your dream but I urge you to find what is and – follow it!

This town is very laid back, relaxed and not a “party place” which I am very glad for. The town square is in the middle of the town and the main roads frame it. The main roads that contain the touristy restaurants and shops. Then there are the roads that brach off the main roads which contain more authentic Mexican eating places. Off the beaten track – in a place across the highway called Colonia – you can get cheaper food and drinks, but of course – you need to speak some Spanish and they don’t really speak any.

The beach is beautiful it runs the length of the town. You can access it from various places so you are never far from the beach! It is really only a few steps from the main square also. As well as only being 5 minutes from my hotel. Each morning many people run up and down the beach, do yoga, swim and just sit and relax. I love the morning on the beach, it is quiet, warmer and less windy. Beautiful! I have been doing a bit of yoga there every morning.


The video today is all about figuring out if that inner voice inside of you is intuition or fear and how not to fall into the self-sabotage when something comes up that seems like “it wasn’t meant to be.” You know when you finally make a decision about something – to do something, to invest in something – which could push you a little past your comfort zone and then all of a sudden, something happens to make you doubt the decision.

WHAT DO YOU DO THEN? What does it really mean? How do you deal with it? I cover this in the video and this has helped me immensely and I can now catch myself.


This has helped me immensely!

Oh boy, I know all about this. And for years I have had a fear of failure. I finally get brave enough to do something, say  ”yes” and then something happens that makes me believe “it just wasn’t mean to be”.

About a year ago I learned something from my coach that changed everything for me, and now what a difference!

The “something coming up” does not just happen to me and it doesn’t mean that something is “not mean to be”. SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

It is your limiting beliefs coming up and testing you.

It (or whatever you want to call it), that is trying to hold you back wants you to stay safe, stay the same, to not grow and to stay small.

It is very powerful once you realize this as you can STOP IT. Awareness is key and this applies to anything. If you have tried a lot of diets, healthy eating plans and have done great and then have given up or if you have signed up for a program that you know can help you really change and improve – then fear comes up and self-doubt sets in and you CANCEL!

I see this a lot and I admit that I have done it too. So time to get aware of it, to (as I say in the video) go back to when you had the idea or made the initial decision and remember how you “felt”. I explain more in the video how you can really tell.


Weather has cooled down a bit. We had a crazy rain storm yesterday and I had to sit in a coffee shop for over 3 hours waiting for it to stop (it would stop, then start). As it was pouring so hard I would have been drenched and didn’t want to get my computer wet.

The locals are fantastic here. They are very loving people. They work hard – 6 days a week – and do not get paid much. Many speak English about 99% that most of us speak Spanish. I am learning more everyday and love it! Staying here for a month really allows me to use it and learn it better.

They have an outdoor food market on Wednesdays – and me and food markets – Let’s just say I am like an addict and just totally lose my head in those things and buy way too much. Ah….well……

On Friday nights there is an outdoor artists market and tonight (Friday) they will also be some kind of a concert – they have been setting up a large stage, lights and a sound system since last night. This should be good and I hope it doesn’t rain.

My friend arrived yesterday and will be here until – possibly the end of the month. So we are going out on the town tonight!

The FRUIT is great here. I eat a pineapple a day and have tried some of the Mexican fruit – will report on it later. There are also a lot of bananas, papayas, oranges, grapefruits, limes, avocados and cucumbers and the usual veggies. Greens are not so great here. I was eating some spinach in my smoothie but how I feel today – which is not great – I think I will be eating my spinach cooked from now on.

Because of the heat I eat very light. But I do have guacamole every day – so good!


There is a great little juice (mostly various fruit) kiosk which is cheap - $20 pesos for a big glass of juice – loving that!

HOW AM I FEELING? Well, I was feeling great up until today – and oh, la, la, not a good day today. The whole Mexican thing I guess and I am taking probiotics and other stuff so hopefully will feel much better tomorrow.



COOL PLACE – Yoga classes, art gallery, music lessons, coffee shop, etc (will check it out later)

Fresh Luscious Green Akaline (no fruit) Juice

I have recorded 2 other videos since I have been here in Puerto Morelos.

1.  How to create your life? Focusing on how you want to feel and how that works better.

2. Are possessions or experiences more important to you?

and if you have missed them, they are posted on my Facebook Page HERE 



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