Freedom at 50 or any age

by diana on March 27, 2014

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Hola from Puerto Morelos

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

One word that can mean so many, many things. One of my core values is Freedom. Freedom of choice. Freedom to be who I am, to do what gives me joy, to live where I want to live surrounded by beauty, to be able to visit my friends and family and to have time to feed my body and my soul.

That is freedom to me. Have you taken time to think (really think and feel) what is important for you? Are you finding ways to bring it into your life now? Don’t wait. Never “WAIT” for the time to be right, perfect or better. That can take years and then what? No guarantees.

I called this my “Freedom at 50 Tour” because it is something I have wanted to do for years and years (travel and work in warm tropical climate during the winter). That is freedom to me – doing what I love and being where I love. And of course, I just turned 50 (that whole mid-life, huge expectations thing). When I turned 50 and realized that I hadn’t yet made my dream a reality, it hit me really hard. I turned 50 in November and I kind of shut down so I wouldn’t have to “feel” the extreme disappointment of not  yet making it happen. But a strong desire is something that you can only push down for a while. Disappointment started bubbling up – “Was I going to let another year pass me by? Why?”

Hey, let me tell you right now – the timing was not perfect for me to go – far from it. But – I “needed” to go. I saw my health suffer and my soul was suffering. And the first few days after being here (first couple days I was kind of panicking) I felt much, much, much better!!! My skin, eyes, face and everything look better and I have felt amazing (except for a few digestive things….) the whole time I have been here. How I felt before I left – the symptoms, the emotions……gone.

Being here has made me come alive again (feel truly alive). My creativity was awakened, I feel  joy and gratitude in every moment. I am surrounded by beauty and warmth from the scenery and from the people around me. YES I am ok, there is nothing wrong with me (and I was beginning to wonder), I CAN feel this great again!

So…what are you waiting for? You don’t have to take off to Mexico to start feeling alive again and in alignment with who you are. You can start at home, or even take a weekend or week and go someplace close to your home. A week or weekend retreat, just for you! Now is the perfect time for you to start creating your life from your true desires and gifts. Living from values that are important to you. Feeling joy and gratitude now for you, for what you have, for what you want, for what you can create.

Yes, I have been off the topic of “just food” since I have been here and I will get back to the food when I return, but….

Health is more than JUST WHAT YOU EAT….

(More on this at bottom of post).


My time here is coming to an end and I am sad to leave. There are things I look forward to getting back to – like reliable internet service – but of course many, many things that I will miss.

I will miss all the fresh fruit and juices








The fruit and juices are fantastic but sitting here now writing this it is the people that I will really miss. The guy at this market (where I am in the picture) who cannot speak English (but so willing to learn) and who I see almost every day and he always, always has the biggest smile. He is probably in his 20′s or early 30′s and makes such an effort to understand me when I do not know the Spanish word for something.

He will try to ask me a question (in Spanish) and I try to understand him. My friend Karen and I had fun with him each time we went there as he was just so cute!! He would take out his smart phone and have me type an English word he couldn’t understand  and it would then translate it into Spanish so he would know what I am asking. I would also ask him how to say certain words in Spanish.

Karen and I would end up buying so much stuff at one time. They are not used to that as most people buy what they need that day. We didn’t need to as the market was there everyday and so close to our hotel. I guess the North-American way of “stocking up” is in us. As well as my addiction to buying fruit and veggies at markets (I am like a gambler in a casino). You get me in there and my brain shuts off and I just “BUY”, I want it all.

I got to spend special time with my best friend Karen (friends since high school) and we re-connected. (She just turned 50 also). We had a lot of fun. We laughed, shopped, acted silly together and had some great conversations.









I will miss sitting at the coffee shop doing my work on my computer and being amazed at how beautiful it is to be sitting inside, yet outside and be warm, be able to feel the breeze, hear the sounds of the shops and restaurants close by. In the evening there would be live music playing in 1 or more of the restaurants filling the air and it was so beautiful.

Again – the people. The owner of “Coffee & Cream”, who is from Montreal, her husband (who is Mexican) and their girls who work there along with Rodrico who was very interesting, spoke English well and worked in a few places in town + having excellent street performing skills. Also meeting the other tourists (short and long-term) who dropped in every day. This is a small town and you really go to know people here.

The smiley faces of the shop and restaurant owners who let me practice my Spanish and helped me to learn as well as practicing their English (they were way better at English than I am at Spanish). The couple that own “I Love Juicy” – a cute juice bar (picture of him and his friend – his wife worked inside making the juices). When I left my bike in front of their shop one day she put a towel over the seat so I wouldn’t burn my butt when I got back on – as the sun is very hot.

The BEACHES! The OCEAN The SAND!- amazing and so beautiful!

Going down to the beach each morning, some days seeing the sunrise (which was incredible) and then taking a walk up and down the beach, doing some yoga, stretching and then a bit of meditating. Talking and taking time to just “BE”. My absolute favourite time of the day here. I needed to ground myself again – feed in the sand, connected to the earth – perfect!

The kids and families that come to the beach to cool off and play. Watching them bring kids under 1 year old into the water – even if they are crying – and getting them used to the ocean and playing and being in the water. They are so adorable!! The kids who are fearless in the water – no lifejacket in site and they are allowed to run, jump and play without fear – fantastic!

The artists who make beautiful jewellery. There are so many and they are so talented – I wish now I would have bought more as they do sell it cheaper than we could get at home for sure.












I am not sure if I will return to Puerto Morelos as I like to visit new places. But it definitely has a piece of my heart – for sure. Tomorrow I am going to take more pictures of the people I have met. The people at the coffee shop, the sweet lady Christine (from Peru) who works at the office of our hotel who always gives 150% with a smile and is so willing to give that little extra and does it with such a positive, happy attitude. I want to take a picture of the guy from the fruit and juice market so I can share his big smile with everyone. Tomorrow is a day to work as well as to drink up the best of Puerto Morelos and of course, go to the night market (where the pics of the jewellery are from) and once again stand in awe of some of the talent of the artists.

My next blog post will probably not be until I am back in Nanaimo but I think I may be sharing things about my time here for a while.

If you have not heard of the video series I am doing “Clean Body/Clean Mind” the link is below to check it out. It was started because of my experience before really deciding to do this, why I felt I had to do this now, (Mexico, live and work for month), the self discovery I had, the push I gave myself and the mindset shift required. 

Like I mentioned in what I wrote above the pictures on Freedom -

What do you value? What have you been saying “no, not now” to? Why? Do you even know what you really want? Are you living from your truth or someone else’s?

“Clean Body / Clean Mind” looks at how health is so much more than just what you eat. We need to feed and fuel our mind, body and our soul.

To watch the video series CLICK HERE



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