How To Relieve Stress – Knit a Scarf? & XMAS DESSERT

by diana on December 20, 2013

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

Are you experiencing a bit more stress this holiday season? Or is that stating it mildly?

Yes, the holiday season is fun, festive, full of joy – and full of stress.

So what can you do? Knit a scarf!

 (I also have a raw Christmas Dessert Recipe below “Chocolate Orange Cranberry Truffles”)

There are so many things going on – not only that it is the holidays but also a New Year is starting. That alone can cause stress….emotional stress.

I have been experiencing a lot of this lately. I guess it is because this year I also turned 50. When you hit a big milestone birthday you often reflect back on where you thought you would be at that age. For me the life I thought I would be leading at 50 is not what I am living. But I also have done so much, travelled a lot of places, changed careers a few times and now doing my own business. I am not disappointed at what I have done because I have really had a full life so far.

I know where I want to go and I tend to get impatient when it doesn’t happen as fast as I want. Can you relate? Are there something you are  working on and even though you are working hard at it, it isn’t happening as fast as you want?

With the New Year almost here, there is pressure to set goals and get things done. You may look over the past year and think “What really did I do?” and “why didn’t I get – that thing – done?”

So you set that goal again and say “this is the year I am going to make it happen”. But does doubt then set in? Do you think – “will I really get it done? or will I end up disappointed again in 1 year because I never did what I thought I would?”

All this “should” thinking causes extra stress and at a time when there is enough stress already.

So if you can relate – I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I was in one of those moods and no matter how hard I tried to focus on my work, I could not. I was full of anxiety and stress and had to escape. So I met a friend for coffee and then went to Michaels (craft store) and bought some beautiful wool to knit a scarf. Yes, knit a scarf!

My friend posted on Facebook the other day something called “Arm Knitting”. You don’t need needles you use your arms as knitting needles. So I looked it up on YouTube and it looked like something I would like.

So yesterday was a day I spent “Arm Knitting” scarves! I LOVED it! My mom was always knitting when I grew up so I have done it before.

Why something like this if is great if you are stressed, is because when you learn something knew, something that requires coordination and focus – it takes you out of your problems and into what you are learning and doing. You can’t think of anything else but what you are learning.  Your focus is on that, and that alone.

Also, you get instant results – well, pretty much. When I finished the scarf I was proud. I made something with my own 2 hands. I learned something knew and made something I can use. It makes you feel good.

I also love making jewellery and haven’t don’t that for a long time so during the holidays, I will do some of that also.

I really encourage you to try something new this holiday season or revisit an old hobby that you loved to do that you haven’t done for a while.

Often when we are stressed and busy, we think there is no time for fun or a hobby or something creative, but that is actually when we should fit in those things. Doing that will improve your mood and you will feel renewed and re-energized! TRY IT!

So what did you love to do that you haven’t done for a long time. Why did you stop?

When you grow old and think back on your life – what will you regret not doing or not doing more of?

Here is the link to one of the videos I followed when “Arm Knitting” my infinity scarf. Just in case you are curious or want to try it too! CLICK HERE TO GO TO VIDEO

REMEMBER – have your smoothie every single day so you start your day by hydrating and drinking in a lot of great nutrition. No matter what you eat for the rest of the day, at least you had your GREEN SMOOTHIE!

RAW CHRISTMAS DESSERT – Chocolate Orange Cranberry Truffles

  • 1 C walnuts or pecans (unsoaked)
  • 3-4 Tbsp Dried cranberries
  • 8 or more Medjool dates (this depends on how many you need for mixture to stick together)
  • 3 Tbsp Orange juice (squeezed from an orange)
  • 1 Tbsp Orange rind
  • 1/4 C Cacao powder
  • Ground coconut (to roll truffles in)

Add nuts in food processor and break them down.

Add dates (start with 7-8 and add as needed), cranberries and orange rind. Pulse a few times to mix and break down dates.

Add cacao powder and orange juice (start with less if mixture if sticky already, if it is dry, add more orange juice).

Process until mixture sticks together well when you pinch it.

Roll into truffles – the size you want. Then roll them in ground coconut.

Place on plate and put in freezer to set.

These are also perfect for gifts!



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