How To Not Gain Weight Over The Holidays

by diana on December 6, 2013

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

Are you worried about how you are going to make it through the holiday season without packing on some weight? With all the temptations around at this time of year, eating healthy can be a challenge.

This week for How-To Thursday I give you some tips on how to make it through the holidays with energy and without overeating or binging on the delicious holiday goodies and gaining weight, how to deal with dinners with family & friends and things you can do so you can still enjoy the holiday food and desserts.

In this post I also give you a Pomegranate Salad Dressing recipe and show you how to easily remove the seeds from the pomegranate.

This How-To Thursday is late because I spent hours, hours and hours yesterday trying different MAC devises to film on and then trying lighting etc. Filmed on my MAC computer (1st time) then spent HOURS editing and last night more hours uploading to youtube which was obviously not done right as video is BLURRY!! Even had a major breakdown last night – 9:30 had to walk away from the computer when I saw how bad the video uploaded. BREATHE…….

I am in the processing of asking for assistance and trying to find someone who can help me with this. Hope I find that person soon!! So the video is here but not the greatest – I have also printed the points and tips under the video for you and am giving you a recipe for Pomegranate Salad Dressing. Pomegranates are oh so good for you and they are in season – LOVING THEM!


You will notice in the video I got my numbers mixed up – sorry!

Here are the tips mentioned in the video:

1. Every morning have a super nutritious smoothie – this way when you get to work you will not be hungry or you will not crave the sweets and treats that may be around you. I also suggest you bring another smoothie or juice with you to have when you start to get hungry. If you go Christmas shopping after work – having a juice or smoothie to drink is a great way to avoid pigging out at the food court on foods that are – not so healthy for you – but may smell heavenly when you are hungry.

If you are going shopping – stop off at a grocery store or health food store and pick up some “food to go” There are some healthy things you can get – and better than food court food for sure.

2.  Bring fruit to work. If you go to eat a dessert, cookie, chocolate – whatever – have some fruit with it also, that way you will not eat as much of it. I thinly slice an apple and have that with a treat. If I am having some chocolate I will often have it with an apple – I have a bite of chocolate and then a piece of apple. You will not eat as much of the sweet when you eat fruit with it too. This WORKS! Try it!

3.  Dinner with family and friends – bring a healthy dish. You could also have a smoothie before you go to fill you up a bit (especially if the night will be full of appetizers). Bring a fruit plate or veggie plate – people actually love these or a raw dessert (such as truffles which are easy).

When sitting down for dinner fill your plate with a lot of healthy food and a bit of the “other stuff” (the great, tasty, fatty foods you don’t eat all year round). START by eating all of the good stuff and then when you get to the “other stuff” you are already a bit full so you won’t eat as much of it. I do this all the time when out for dinner or dinner with family.

4.  If you have a day or evening when you really PIG OUT then the next day – have a really clean eating day. Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up if you do enjoy a lot of treats and food you normally don’t – enjoy the food and then the next day, eat really healthy food – maybe have a couple smoothies and or juices.

5.  Do a cleanse before and even again after the holidays. You can do a cleanse like the “Wild Rose Cleanse” or a “Herbal Cleanse” – there are many out there. This will really help – they are usually for about 10 days. I also have my 10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Program which gives you a lot of recipes to use also. You can sign up for that anytime. The info is HERE.

6.  Be Prepared. In the winter I usually make a large batch of soup once a week. You can also make a large salad – such as a quinoa salad or a marinated veggie salad with some beans or chickpeas. Make a healthy cookie or snack – extras to have in freezer. If you have some things made they can be in fridge or freezer ready to eat.

Add greens to everything! Greens are highly nutrient dense foods that are very low in calories. When your body if “fed” the proper “fuel” your cravings will decrease, you will not be so tempted around the sweet stuff and you will “feel full” and satisfied. I add fresh greens when I am about to eat a bowl of soup, I add fresh greens to any veggies or mixed salads, etc.


Some benefits: 

  • Most powerful antioxidant of all fruits
  • Potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects
  • Lowers cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors
  • Lowers blood pressure

Pomegranate Salad Dressing

  • 4-5 Tbsp pomegranate seeds (how to get the seeds out easily – pictures below)
  • 2 1/2-3 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 shakes of cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp maple syrup (or another sweetener)

Blend above in a small blender such as a magic bullet or nutribullet. If you make a large batch you could use your blender but this is a small batch. This will still be chunky. This may be good on salmon too. Try it on various things!

I also like adding whole pomegranate seeds into my salad.

How To Take the Seeds Out of Pomegranate

Cut the pomegranate in half

Get a bowl and a knife or something to bang it with – put bowl in sink and turn one half upside down and pat (bang) the skin with the flat part of knife or object (heavier spoon would work also) and seeds will fall into the bowl. It does splatter so put in sink.

Most of the seeds will come out when you do this. Some of the white will also break away so just pick that part out. Store seeds in a container in the fridge.

A Great Snack: I love a mix of pomegranate seeds with chopped apple and some cinnamon.

Even though this can be a very stressful time of year, take time to enjoy it, connect with family and friends and remember what is really important…..LOVE and sharing.


I hope you enjoyed the post and I now have Facebook Comments – so please comment below and let me know how you make it through the holiday season – if you have an tips or tricks or maybe some questions for me – I would LOVE to hear them!


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