Raw Sun-dried Tomato Dairy-free Dip

by diana on October 10, 2013

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

This raw diary-free dip recipe made with sun-dried tomatoes and cashews is so good. The sun-dried tomatoes add a great flavour and the cashews make it oh so creamy! Family, friends and guests will all love it!

I made it up as I was doing the video but of course my inspiration comes from all over the place and I am constantly looking at other recipes online and in books. I highly suggest you also find inspiration and ideas and then make something that becomes your own. Start by making a smaller batch at a time, just in case it doesn’t turn out that good. Luckily this dip turned out – I really like it!

What you will need for this recipe is: raw cashews (soak 2 hours), sun-dried tomatoes (sulphite free) soak 1 hour hot water, chopped bell pepper (yellow or red), olive oil, chilli powder, onion powder, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt and water.

The recipe is in the video – enjoy!



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