Get Rid of the Blah’s

by Administrator on September 26, 2013

in All the other good stuff

Have you ever felt just “blah” and lower in energy, bloated and dragged down?

I eat really clean….most of the time (but not all the time), ┬ásometimes I get eating too much of the stuff that robs my energy and makes me feel heavy and well, just “blah”.

I did this video in the summer but have not posted it yet, kind of forgot about it. But lately I have been feeling a little “blah” so I had a few days of really squeaky clean eating and lots smoothies and wanted to share this video.

There are times of course when you need a specific kind of cleanse for sure. I am all for that. And everyone is different.

What I show you in the video is doable for anyone. For when you have had a few weeks of eating maybe not so well and you noticed your energy is drained, and you are feeling bloated and heavy and just want to feel light and clean again. Your head may even be feeling foggy and you may be feeling a little moody.

I wanted to introduce you to this concept of eating (and drinking) really clean for a couple of days to get you back to feeling more energized and lift the brain fog, re-boot your digestion, etc.

Check it out!

If you can’t imagine how you could not eat “food” for a day or two – then you need to try this. Don’t stress yourself out though – try it when you are ready and take hour by hour and day by day. See how long you can do it. Once you start feeling better you will know it is worth it.


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