Raw Chocolate Almond Bark

by diana on August 29, 2013

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A Fast and Super Delicious Raw Dessert & Anytime Snack &

Can it Ever Be Too Hot? – Oh, yes, it can….my story…

Below is a video on How to Make Raw Chocolate Almond Bark – this stuff is gooood! In the video I give you the recipe along with showing you the ingredients you need.

Before I get to the video, I wanted to share with you a funny experience I had during my visit to Phoenix.

I am writing this e-mail as I sit sweltering hot in Mesa, AZ. Man it is HOT here! It is summer, yes and it is the dessert, but really I had no idea how hot it would be. (the air conditioning is very low where I am staying)

On Vancouver Island everyone is outside in the summer. If it is a hot summer day the parks, beaches and trails are crazy busy. So I was pretty shocked when I went for a walk at 8:00 one morning (here in Mesa) and saw no one, I mean NO ONE walking.

As I continued to walk (my destination was of course a grocery store that had a great health section I had Googled and found), I soon found out why NO ONE was walking. IT WAS TOO BLOODY HOT! I love the hot weather but even for me – it was too hot.

About 20-25 minutes into my walk (I seriously felt like one of those characters you see in the movies walking through the dessert – almost to the point of hallucinating) I saw a parked work truck on a side street and I walked up and knocked on the window. I asked if I was at least walking in the right direction to get to the grocery store. He confirmed that I was and it may have been my BEET red face (more purple by that time) and the fact that I had crawled almost all the way into the truck to feel the air conditioning, that led him to ask if I wanted a ride. YES! I replied and I quickly jumped right in. He was truly a live savoir. The store was only 1 block away from where I got into the truck – ha!

When I got into ”Sprouts” (the grocery store) I immediately bought a coconut water and 2 containers of cut fruit (watermelon and a mix of fruit) and began to quickly down both. My face was still beet red, I was sweating, I was wearing an undershirt I brought to sleep in because I didn’t have anything else cooler to wear, I had a glazed look on my face and I guzzled the coconut water and shoved all the fruit in my mouth. Once I finished and had cooled down a bit – I WENT SHOPPING!! – weird but I LOVE grocery stores.

I love shopping in the US and checking out what they have because we do not have a lot of the same things in Canada – especially all the health products and supplements. So of course I proceeded to buy WAY to much stuff.

As I was checking out I asked about getting a cab. I had explained how I walked there but with all the groceries had to take a cab back. For one they could not believe I actually WALKED outside which I still find that so strange. But the very nice lady behind me in line heard that I had walked and was going to take a cab back – and that I was from Canada – so she offered to drive me.

YES! I exclaimed and thanked her again and again. Wow, people here are so nice!

I was told – because I asked how they do it – that people who live year round, stay inside in the summer and go outside in the winter. Seems so strange to a girl like me living on Vancouver Island and growing up in Alberta.

It is beautiful here and very different than Vancouver Island. I have really enjoyed my stay (it was for work) and I have met some truly wonderful people. (Thank you SO MUCH Andrrea for everything!)

I am on my way back to Canada tomorrow (Aug 30th) and even though the weather has taken a turn for the worse where I live, I am ok with getting back. Happy to go to the farmers markets, pick fresh greens from my garden and yes, go for a walk OUTSIDE!! Yeah!!!

Now for the Video

How to Make Raw Chocolate Almond Bark

Give this recipe a try because it is such a great snack to have in the freezer for anytime you have a chocolate craving.


In am in Phoenix working on something that will really serve you better and help you on your healthy eating journey. My smoothie challenge is soon to come off my blog and I will be adding something new – so stay tuned!

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