by diana on August 14, 2013

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I spent 1 week at a beautiful cabin on Quadra Island, an island off the coast of Vancouver Island and it was so incredible! I have been there 3 times now and would love to go back.

I ate really well while I was there because I packed for it. I have 3 videos in this post (along with some more pics of Quadra Island).

VIDEO #1I show you what I packed for my week stay – I didn’t show some of the fresh stuff in my fridge such as greens (kale, lettuce, parsley) or the veggies and fruit I also brought. I show you the dry goods and things to bring that make eating healthy simple as well as fast! You don’t want to spend a whole lot of time cooking or preparing food while on vacation – at least I didn’t.

VIDEO #2 – I also have a video on “The Best Mindset for Change” – when you are trying to change something in your life – like eating more raw foods or learning something new, or changing any aspect of your lifestyle. This video was done outside the cabin I was staying at.

VIDEO #3 – I also have a quick video tour of the cute cabin we stayed at. I miss it so much – wish I was back there! As well I have a few pictures of the beach, etc.

Video #1 – What to Pack on Vacation to Eat Healthy (and make food that TASTES good!)

Video #2 – The Right Mindset For Change

Video #3 – A Tour of The Quadra Island Cabin

Quadra Island is a beautiful place and we stayed by a lovely beach (we could walk to it) – couple of pics of that below.

There are also so many hiking trails on the island and one day we hiked to a mountain lake that was so BEAUTIFUL!! Below are a couple of pics of that. Could not get to it by car – had to hike about 1 hour. but worth it.

Here is another pic at the lake with my dog Bailey. He enjoyed the water that day also – just got his legs wet but good for cooling off.

Pictures from some trails on Quadra Island

I hope you too are able to get away on a vacation this summer (near or far) or even take some time, stay home and relax and rejuvenate.

As always….


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