Why You Shouldn’t Try To Be 100% Perfect?

by diana on July 3, 2013

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Striving to be 100% perfect with anything for 100% of the time, will only backfire. This is especially true when talking about food. I want to talk to you about what I do that  really works for me and how you can also do the same and really enjoy the summer.

Summer is in full bloom and your mind is probably on being outside, going for a walk or a hike, gardening, golfing, riding your bike, etc. Many other things other than staying inside and prepping healthy food.

I hear ya! Yes, I am having the problems right now. I LOVE being outside and I LOVE hot weather. So with the blue skies and gorgeous weather I am struggling with taking the time to prepare healthy meals.

My appetite is usually smaller when it is hot but I love having cool drinks, like homemade iced tea. Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. I have some refreshing Iced Tea recipes in this e-mail. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you too are struggling with not wanting to spend a bunch of time preparing healthy foods, then read on as I share with you what I do to make it so much easier during the summer,  holidays  – anytime. It has helped me immensely!!

Striving to be perfect just doesn’t work – so what does work?

Some areas of my life I have an “all or nothing” philosophy. If I can’t do it right then I don’t do it. Or if I cannot totally commit, I don’t do it. (This doesn’t serve me and I am changing it).

Do you have that philosophy when it comes to eating?

How often have you said “I will start eating better after the weekend”, “I will start eating better when September comes”, “I will start eating better when I get back from my holiday”…..etc, etc. You know what I mean.

When you say those things to yourself do you then end up eating worse because you will “soon” eat really good. You tell yourself that you might as well eat whatever you want because soon you will have to watch everything you eat. You might as well eat all the stuff you won’t be able to eat when you clean up your diet.


Probably not that well and you end up feeling worse about yourself.


You don’t have to be 100% clean or 100% perfect.

No one is 100% perfect all the time. I eat healthy most of the time but not all of the time. It has taken a while for me to be ok with that.

Here is what I do and how I think that keeps me on track – IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED FOR ME.

It’s Sunday morning and your friend,  boyfriend or family wants to go out for brunch. You think, “hmmmm brunch, probably a lot of food and a whole lot of calories”. You want to go so bad but you see yourself overeating, having toast, eggs, hash browns, waffles, pancakes! You start to feel guilty! What do you do? You want to go, it will be fun! Then you get frustrated because you think “will I EVER be able to enjoy a frickin brunch again? Do I always have to eat veggies and smoothies – other people get to eat what they want, I am so tired of always having to worry about what I eat!” Yes, life feels unfair sometimes.


You may decide to go (because you are tired of feeling left out) and possibly eat a whole lot of things you shouldn’t because you figure why you are there you might as well go all out and eat really bad. It is almost like you are punishing yourself for going or rebelling against the inner voice who is telling you “you should  have stayed home.”


You don’t go and become bitter and resent the whole process of eating healthy.

Like I said – I have been there – many times.

What do I do in a situation like that?

I GO! Heck ya! But here comes the good stuff:

If I was going for brunch, in the morning before I go, I would have probably some fruit and a smoothie or green juice that is full of greens, green powders, superfoods, etc. Something that packs a whole lot of nutrition.

I go to brunch. I do not say I “can’t do that”. If I did, I would be bitter. Because I go, I am in a good mood and it becomes a good experience. What then happens is that because I am not real hungry I make better choices at brunch.  I am in a good mood, I am happy about the good choices I am making yet still really enjoying the food and enjoying being with the people I am with. It is a good experience. I do not feel guilty. HERE IS WHAT ELSE IS REALLY IMPORTANT….

After I eat the meal, I may feel great, I may feel bloated, I may feel absolutely stuffed but…..I deal with it. THEN for the rest of the day I eat and drink really clean. It isn’t hard after being so full after brunch. TRY IT.

The same goes for a BBQ or going out for dinner to a place where the food may not be that healthy. Eat and drink really clean the whole day and before you go out have a super green smoothie (or juice)You will probably make better choices at dinner and make the next day a really clean eating day. Don’t deny yourself food you love and think you always have to order a small green salad (unless that is truly what you want).

I think of how much nutrition I have had in the day or will I have that day. That is how I chose what I eat.

Sure I eat some things that don’t have any nutritional benefit but that is just a very small percentage of what I eat. More good, less bad. SIMPLE!

Diets usually do not work because they focus on being strict 100% of the time. Most people can only do this for a limited time.

How I have kept weight off all the years is that if I notice I have gained some weight, I will eat really clean for 1-2 weeks. I don’t wait until I gain 10 lbs or more. I catch it right away. Losing 5 lbs can be quick and done by eating really clean for a relatively short period of time. When you are trying to lose over 10 lbs, that is harder.


Why not eat really clean 1-2 weeks prior to your holiday and after it. Then while on your holiday, you relax and enjoy.


I will soon be opening up my 10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Summer Program and this is PERFECT to do in the summertime. I am not saying you do it while on holidays (but fine if you do) but what a great thing to do before or after your holiday.

Once you have the 10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Program it is yours and you can repeat it anytime you want. Every 4 months would be great! You can even extend it and do it for 14 days. Or shorten it and do it for 7 days.

I give you all you need and make it super easy to follow. You can check out more info on it here:  10 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Program


I use tea bags but you can use lose tea also – just use the amount that would be equivalent to 2 tea bags. Stronger than you would normally make tea because you will be adding ice.

Green Ginger

  • 2 bags of green tea
  • ½” ginger root
  • 2 Tbsp lemon
  • 1 Tbsp honey (more if you want it sweeter) – you can also use stevia, agave or coconut sugar or nectar

Orange Spice Rooibos

  • 2 bags of Rooibos tea (I use regular unflavoured – but flavoured would be fine)
  • 3-4 orange slices
  • Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • 1 Tbsp sweetener (or more if you like)

Preparing the iced teas:

  • Steep 2 bags of tea in tea pot for 15-20 minutes
  • Add sweetener when tea is hot
  • For green tea add ginger now also
  • Let cool on counter a bit
  • Add either the lemon or orange
  • Pour tea into mason jars or glass pitcher and cool in fridge
  • Add ice when drinking and enjoy!


Dark Roast Rooibos Iced Late (could use orange pekoe or English Breakfast tea

  • 2 bags of dark roast Rooibos tea (this may be harder to find but is more like a coffee)
  • 1 Tbsp sweetener
  • Almond milk

Iced Chai Late Tea

  • 2 bags of Chai Rooibos tea (which is caffeine free, or use a black chai tea)
  • 2 Tbsp sweetener
  • Dash of cinnamon or cinnamon stick
  • Almond milk

Preparing the Lates:

  • Steep 2 bags of the tea in a tea pot in hot water for 15-20 minutes
  • Add sweetener when tea is still hot.
  • Let cool on counter then put in fridge
  • Pour the cold tea into a glass with ice and add some almond milk – stir and enjoy



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