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Just got back from a road trip to Alberta (I live on Vancouver Island, BC). Because most of the places I stop along the way are on the side of the highway, there are only fast food places to eat. Not good and NOT FOR ME! I have reactions to preservatives that are in so much of the fast food and junk food so I cannot eat them – if I do I get really sick.

I am used to packing my own food. For this trip – because it took 2 days (1 day to my sisters in Kelowna and 2nd day on to Edmonton, AB) I needed to bring enough food to eat the whole time.

In this post I will go over the  things I brought on my trip, for the drive to Alberta and the drive home to BC.

In the video below I show you some of the things I brought and how I packed them.

Below the video I list other things I brought with me to eat while staying with my parents and my other sister. This way I had healthy foods to make when I was there.

The other things I brought, or bought when I was there:

  • Canned Beans (Eden Organics)
  • Rice Paper Wraps
  • Brown Rice Noodles
  • Nori Sheets (regular Nori)
  • Stevia
  • Almond Milk
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Nutritional Yeast (to make dressings and sauces)
  • Raw Cashews (to make sauces – and people loved them!)
  • Buckwheat (to make buckwheat wraps or tortillas)
  • Nuts and seeds (to munch on)
  • Arame seaweed, dried  (to add to a salad)
  • FrozenFruit
  • Fresh Greens
  • Fruit
  • Veggies

Those are the things I did not show in the video. Yes, it was a lot of stuff and no I did not use ALL of them.


My family is used to it and they felt a little bad but I didn’t want them running around before I came, spending a whole lot of money on stuff they wouldn’t normally buy and may not know what it is or where to buy it. I think they prefer that I bring my own food, that way it takes the stress off trying to figure out what they are going to “feed” me.

Funny, I eat “REAL” food but people still wonder “what I eat!”.

It is like eating packaged foods, bottled sauces, foods with preservatives, etc is so “the norm” that if you don’t eat those foods people wonder – WHAT DO YOU EAT?

I am not all raw and I eat whole foods – real food. I eat potatoes (my mom’s favorite food), all vegetables, rice, rice noodles, all greens, squash, fruit, grains (sometimes), quinoa, buckwheat, beans, lentils, seaweeds, home-made soups, eggs…… on and on. I think that is a lot!

Because I don’t eat meat, some people worry that I don’t eat a complete meal. But….ok by me. Everyone is different and I respect their choices.

I NEVER try to change people and I think that helps them accept my food and me making my own food.

When in Edmonton, I ate at some fantastic restaurants. With my daughter as my foodie tour guide we ate at: Three Boars (for drinks & appi), Noorish (Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian – so good!), Gabbana (my daughter now works there and it is quaint & delicious!)and the Dish & Runaway Spoon (FUNKY, can make anything gluten-free. Had such a scrumptious portabello burger).

These places offered gluten-free alternatives which is great and Edmonton really caters to people’s eating needs. There are so many restaurants there. A TON of franchises but also many, many independents (the ones I recommend). Even though there  is a lot of meat in Edmonton, they also offer  many other alternatives and I never had a problem finding something I loved!!

In St Albert there is an INCREDIBLE PLACE called the Enjoy Center. Started by an amazing woman, Lois Hole (her family actually) and it is all things ALIVE! Plants, garden stuff, fantastic restaurant with scrumptious organic food, health food store (can buy all raw ingredients, all organic, all herbs and specialty items – just everything. Spent a lot of money there), bakery and just so much more. My sister took me there for dinner and it was very, very good – beautiful food!! The Enjoy Centre is HUGE! A must see if you are around Edmonton, AB.

Here is the site:


Hope this information helped and DON’T GET OVERWHELMED. You don’t have to pack all I did but please do bring some healthy food on your road trips and vacations this summer. You will be SO HAPPY YOU DID!! Truly, you will. You will also feel better and have WAY MORE ENERGY! You know how bad you feel when you consume “junk” so limit it and enjoy your summer!

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