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I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are looking forward to a joyous and love filled New Year!

The season of over-indulgence is now over.

How did you do?
Whatever you ate or didn’t eat…….is in the past and now it is time to move forward and make healthy choices each day.

There is a great new blender on the market. I have to admit that I don’t know how old it is because I just learned about it a month ago.

It is called the Omni Blender. I have used it and highly recommend it. I still recommend the Vitamix as the best blender to buy, but for someone not able or ready to put the big bucks up for the Vitamix, Omni Blender is perfect!

The Omni Blender retails for about $275.00 (with free shipping CAD) and the Vitamix is over $500.00. There are many videos on YouTube to check out. The web site to go to is Omni Blender


For someone getting into raw food, or just wanting to include green smoothies into their diet, I highly suggest purchasing a good blender. The better the blender the more greens and healthy a ingredients you can put into your smoothy and it will turn out creamy, smooth, great tasting and extremely healthy. For some people, texture makes a big difference so improving the texture of your smoothie (or raw soup, or sauce) can make a big difference in wanting to consume more of them.

Now that it is winter and farmers markets are over and it is hard to get fresh locally grown greens get yourself a good mix of powdered greens.

In Nanaimo you can buy some great green powders at The Vitamin House, Island Naturals, Fuel Nutrition, Island Natural, Charlie Brown’s Health Food Store,  a couple varieties at Thrifty’s (grocery store) and Country Grocery.

When buying a green powder (or any supplement) my advice is – READ THE LABELS! This is very important because some green powders are better than others. Ask the expert at the health food store when you are not sure what is best. you can also Google the brands and kinds available to find the best one and the right one for you. Do you research!

Because there are so many varieties, I like to try various ones so I do change what I buy. At this time I am using:

  • Wheat Grass Powder from Harmonic Arts
  • “Greener Grasses” by Health Force Nutritionals
  • “Elite Green Protein” from Health Force Nutritionals
  • Chlorella tablets from Prairie Naturals
  •  ”Kick Start” from Harmonic Arts

The list seems like a lot to purchase or to use in one smoothie, but you do not need to start with this many. I certainly did not. One good one is all you need. I didn’t buy all of these at once and I don’t always use all of them in one smoothie.

How much should you use in a smoothie?

If you read suggested servings on your powdered supplements, they may suggest adding anywhere from 1-2 Tbsp. This would be a lot if you are not used to the taste of green powders or other supplements in your smoothie. If you are not used to the taste,  start with 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp and once you get used to the taste you can then add more. If you add too much to begin with and do not like the taste of your smoothie, you may not drink it and that wouldn’t be good. I think it is better to drink the smoothie then not to drink it because you can’t handle the flavour.

If you are having trouble trying to decide which kind to buy, see if you can get a small sample bottle to start. Some products offer these.

Another way to make the smoothie tastier when you are getting used to the green powders is to add 1-2 Medjool dates and or bananas which will add a sweetness to it and great flavour.

Below is a green smoothie recipe I often have:

1 C water
1 Tbsp hemp hearts
1 handful parsley
1 handful kale or spinach
1/2 banana
1 date
1 C frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, or a mix of these including berries)
1 heaping tsp of “Greener Grasses”
4 Chlorella tablets
1 tsp “Kick Start”
1 tsp “Elite Green Protein”
1 tsp wheat grass powder

Place all in a blender and blend.

This may be a bit extreme for some but start with less and work your way up. As you can see I have a few products from Health Force Nutritionals (Superfoods) because I love their products. Their products are all raw and high quality.

So if you do not have a high speed blender yet, check out the Omni Blender and get yourself some good powdered greens to fuel yourself with everyday.


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