by diana on December 5, 2012

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Is it Important to Count Calories?

How important is counting calories? Does counting calories help you lose weight?

In the video below I state my view on the whole issues of counting calories. This confuses many people. Even when I was a personal trainer and was taught to focus menu plans on calorie count, I had a real problem with this.

All calories are NOT the same. If a person is eating a high raw diet most often they do not have to be concerned about counting calories (unless eating a very high amount of fats, nuts and seeds). A calorie is not “just a calorie”. I explain more in the video below.

Most people who have been on a higher raw food diet for a while do not bother so much with counting calories. I actually never have, I find it to much of a hassle. Some people have had great success with it but this is just my opinion.

Pay more attention to WHAT YOU EAT. I have always done this and it makes more sense to me.



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