by diana on September 9, 2012

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I LOVE health food stores and places you can buy health food supplies, ingredients, organic foods, teas, bulk herbs, raw foods, etc. I also love when I find great places to buy juices, smoothies and vegan, vegetarian and raw food.

Victoria is my favorite city in Canada (that I have been to). I have traveled a lot and seen many cities and Victoria is one of THE most beautiful.

How perfect that it combines the beauty of the ocean, the old trees, amazing architecture, artists, boutiques, incredible variety of restaurants (so many healthy ones) and of course – the best weather in Canada.

I have posted about the raw and vegan restaurant called “Cafe Blissbut now I want to introduce you to a GREAT place called “INGREDIENTS”. It really has everything.

Below are some pictures of “Ingredients” that I took with my cell phone. My daughter was visiting me and we went to Victoria and hunted down this place and it did not disappoint. It is located downtown at 2031 Store Street. YOU GOTTA SEE IT!!!

I could have spent the whole afternoon there…..It has everything. I will not even attempt to name some of the things.

I really have to have an addiction to all things healthy and that is what I spend the MOST amount of money on. So….get me in one of these places and I have to hold myself back. I did this time but I WILL BE BACK!!! They also have a raw and vegan food bar (or little cafe) there.

I didn’t try any of the food but will next time I am there. It is a beautiful place and check it out next time you go to Victoria.

I was a single mother when my daughter (Jeunine) grew up and we did everything together. She is now 23 and lives in Edmonton so I do not get to see her that often. Having her visit with me and spending time doing things we always used to do was so great! We enjoyed Victoria and she puts up with my “addiction” with healthy foods and ingredients. She is my favorite person to shop and hang out with.

Below is a picture of her with the sign as we were leaving. She is the most beautiful soul!

Next time you are in Victoria, please visit “Ingredients”. There is so much to look at and so many things that can improve your life!!


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