Nutritious Summer Drinks

by diana on July 29, 2012

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes


If you are looking for some delicious, nutritious, simple thirst-quenching summer drinks I have a couple recipes for you.

I love, fresh tasting, clean, fresh drinks and I know there are a ton out there in the supermarkets or health food stores but take a look at the ingredients because some of those may not be so healthy for you.

The couple I have for you below contain only about 3 ingredients and are incredibly tasty, fresh, clean and so healthy! Not to mention super easy to prepare. All you need is a blender.

This first thirst-quencher is a CRANBERRY JUICE. I know you can buy so many bottled cranberry juices but so many of them contain grape juice or apple juice and actually just a small amount of actual cranberry juice. I like making my own. Cranberry juice is healthy for you and when you make it yourself you control the sweetener. I make mine with frozen cranberries because I always have some in the freezer. The recipe is as follows:


  • 1 C frozen cranberries
  • 2 – 2.5 C water (depends on how you like it)
  • Juice of 1.5 limes
  • 2 tsp of agave (or another sweetener)

That is it!! Super fast and super easy! Just blend ingredients in blender and enjoy!

Watermelon Juice. I know that watermelon is best eaten as a whole fruit but I have heard of making a juice with it so thought I would try it. Great if you have a lot of watermelon left over and it is rippening faster than you can eat it. I LOVED the juice – so hydrating and fresh. This is great for a morning drink in the summer.


  • 2 C watermelon chopped
  • 1/4 C water
  • Juice of 1 lemon

Blend in blender and it is done! So refreshing!!

These are some great drinks you can try and are super easy, fast and delicious – perfect for summertime.

Put your own twist of them and try mixing juices, flavors and ingredients! Be creative and use real ingredients and just a touch of sweetener. Your body will love them!!


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