by diana on April 8, 2012

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When is a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet Not so Good for You?

There is a lot of information out there about the benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet and I completely agree. But, one thing I do not agree with is “fake” meat products. You know those vegan packaged foods that “pretend” to be meat. The ground beef that is not beef. The hot dogs that do not contain any meat (what the heck is in them anyway?), the lunch meat that is made out of who knows what!

If a person chooses not to eat meat, why would they want to eat something that pretends to be meat? Isn’t meat something they are trying to avoid?

Read the ingredients on these vegan “packaged foods” and see what they say. Even though there are many different “fake” meat products, what they have in common is a very long list of ingredients. These are not simple nutritious foods. They contain preservatives, wheat products, colors, etc.  Just take a good look at these foods and you will see that  they cannot possibly contain many healthy ingredients. At least no “live” nutrients.

Please stay away from them. There are so many highly nutritious foods to eat – live, whole foods, that I don’t believe it is necessary to consume these “fake” packaged foods.

Below is a video I made in the summer and because I talk about “Tofurkey” I thought I would put it up on this Easter long weekend.


I realize that that raw food also has things such as raw burgers, pizza, pasta, etc. But then again, in raw food these items are made with live, nutrient dense foods. No preservatives or colors.

A vegan or vegetarian diet can also include foods such as white flour, pastas, rice, grains, sugar, etc. Consuming too many of these will put on the weight as well as containing empty calories – no nutrient value. Even though they are vegan I do not recommend people consume too many of these.

What is and always has been important to me is not if someone is a vegan, a vegetarian but if they eat healthy, nutrient dense foods. It is ok to have an occasional snack  or dessert, especially if you usually consume a  high amount of healthy foods. A good rule to follow is more good food than bad and each day trying to add more good foods into your diet.

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend! Whatever you ate, do not regret or worry about the amount you ate or what you ate bad. Start again fresh tomorrow and be happy you had a nice meal with family and friends.


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