by diana on January 25, 2012

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Being a Raw Food Chef and working at a restaurant that serves raw and vegan food I often get asked if I eat 100% raw. The answer is no. When I started my journey with raw foods (which was about in 2009) I was eating a very high raw diet. I may have been 100% raw for days but didn’t really worry about whether I was 100% or 95% or 85% raw. Personally I don’t think it is about being 100%. It is about becoming and being healthier because you put healthy food into your body. Some days you may consume a lot of healthy food and some days you may consume healthy food but also some food that has no healthy benefits. But still, if you are truly making the effort and being conscious about what you put into your body, you are doing more than most people.

Some people do everything either 100% or not at all. They figure that if you are going to do something do it 100% or not at all. I have never been that way. But….I have never had a weight problem and always been quite healthy.

If you look at all the people who have tried numerous diets they may have dived in 100% and been fully committed and then one day they have a bad day of eating unhealthy, fatty foods and they figure – “well, I screwed up, I will give up and start another time”. If they cannot do it 100% all the time then they should give up. I have known women who have started on a “diet” and then slipped up on the 1st or 2nd day of the diet so stopped and told themselves they would start again “next Monday”. Until “next Monday” comes they figure they can continue with their old eating habits.

I also have good days and bad days (talking about eating). I don’t let them bother me. I always work on getting the best and healthiest food into me everyday. That is my intention but if I have something I probably shouldn’t have, I just make a better choice the next time I eat.

During the summer months I eat a very high raw diet. But then again I LOVE veggies, Farmers Markets and picking fresh food from our garden, so eating higher raw in the summer is a lot easier.

Weather also makes a difference and when it is cold, wet and damp (here on the West Coast), I do have more cooked foods such as sauteed greens, etc.


Start your day the healthy way.

  • Start by drinking warm water with organic lemon juice
  • Then have a green smoothie or juice (or a great veggie juice)
  • Then have (for example) chia gel with berries, coconut flakes or chunks, NutraCleanse, buckwheat crisps (sprouted buckwheat then dehydrated)
  • What about a fruit salad with chia gel or a pudding with blended fruit and avocado
  • Try eating all raw food until noon
  • OR Try eating all raw food until diner time
  • Go one full day just consuming green smoothies or veggie juices

These are just a few quick suggestions. What do you eat and drink in the morning?

I love juices. I love the taste and also the fact that you can consume a lot of veggies in a juice. If I have a large juice in the morning I have already consumed:

  1. 1 medium beet
  2. 2-3 stalks of celery
  3. 1/3 – 1/2 cucumber
  4. 1 apple
  5. 2 carrots
  6. lemon juice
  7. 1 Tbsp stinging nettles
  8. 1 handful of spinach or kale

If you think about it, that is incredible!  How great is it that to consume that many veggies and fruit before noon!

At lunch I usually have a salad (often with some seaweed) which is very high in minerals and proteins.

The foods I spoke about above are also really low in calories so you can consume a lot of them.

What I wanted to say in this one is that JUST START. Don’t worry about ‘HOW RAW” you are going to be. Don’t try to analyze what % raw you are. Just start and make good choices at each meal.

By making consistent improvements and healthy choices you WILL receive benefits and WILL notice a difference.


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