A Day of Eating High Raw

by diana on March 27, 2011

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes





 I often get asked what a day of eating high raw for me looks like. I don’t eat 100% raw and especially now that it is still cool out, I have days where I am about 75-80% raw. 

When women start coaching with me or come to my classes they are always curious about what a day of eating raw food looks like. They ask me to give them an example of the food I eat in a day.

In this post I will do my best to describe an average day for me. I will list some of the dishes I have (not all in one day but examples from various days).


  • Warm water with squeeze of organic lemon juice
  • Orange or grapefruit
  • Green Smoothie – spinach (or another green), apple, mango, a few banana slices, ginger, lemon juice, water
  • Pour some of my smoothie into a glass and add 1/2 tsp of Vitamineral Greens by Healthforce and 1/2 tsp of Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton (these keep me very healthy and also contain lots of great minerals, protein, trace minerals, chlorophyll, etc, etc)
  • 1 apple - sliced thinly sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Sometimes closer to lunch I will have: buckwheat/chia gel/nutra-cleanse/coconut chunks/cinnamon/maple syrup cereal or a dehydrated cookie


  • Salad – I vary the greens and veggies I put in it . I often add soaked and rinsed wakame in it, hemp hearts, 1/2 avocado and of course a lot of veggies
  • Dressing on salad is often: Lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil (or flax oil) and a bit of Braggs
  • Quinoa (cooked), tomatoes, parsley, cucumber, bell pepper - dressing of lemon juice and Xtra virgin olive oil
  • Flax or buckwheat cracker OR
  • Lettuce wrap OR
  • Cut veggies with a pate or hummus


  • I often have more salad OR
  • Veggies with dip,  pate, tahini or some almond butter OR
  • Dehydrated cracker with dip, pate, hummus, tahini - depends on what I have that day OR
  • Chocolate/nut truffle or one of my power cookies
  • After the gym or exercising and before super, I have a green smoothie (I make 2 in the moring and bring the 2nd in a mason jar with some ice to have after gym)


  • Stir fry veggies OR
  • Sauteed veggies – such as beets, yams, Swiss chard, kale, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, etc. I LOVE Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on my cooked veggies. I lightly saute or stir fry them in coconut oil and a bit of water to keep all their juices still in the pan.
  • I LOVE sauteed beets with diced avocado and himalayan salt (I do not heat the avocado, put it on after) OR
  • Veggies and quinoa OR
  • Sauteed kale, portabello mushroom, yams, garlic, ginger, a bit of braggs or nama shoyu OR
  • Cabbage, zucchini, tomato stir fry OR
  • Raw stir fry OR
  • Raw Tomato Soup with salad or crackers with avocado

Evening Snack:

  • Sometimes I eat a heavy late lunch so only have my smoothie for supper. Then in evening I may have a piece of fruit OR
  • 2 chocolate/nut truffles OR
  • 2 of my small cookies (dehydrated) OR
  • banana/mango ice cream (made with just the frozen fruit) and possibly some cacao added


Stir Fry Sauce:

  • 2 tbsp tamari, braggs or nama shoyu
  • 1 ½ tbsp agave
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1-2 tsp fresh grated ginger

Use a small hand mixer to mix this or a silver bullet if you have one. If not, mix by hand:

Start with adding the oils, then the lemon juice and grated ginger. Stir well. Add braggs (or tamari) and almond butter. Stir well. Ad just a bit of agave and stir and then taste. Add a bit more agave if you want it a bit sweeter. Adjust ingredients to taste.

The Veggies: 

  • 2 cups of an herb variety green mix
  • Red bell pepper, sliced thin
  • A small amount of purple (or green) cabbage sliced thin
  • 1/4 C finely chopped broccoli
  • 1 green onion
  • 2 shitake mushrooms (fresh), sliced thin
  • 1/4 C diced sugar snap peas

Pour the sauce over the salad and mix well. Let sit for 20-30 minutes (or a bit longer) to marinate. Serve or store in fridge.

I hope you got some inspiration. Remember, the important thing is to add healthy ingredients and dishes to your day. Don’t be hard on yourself if you do not eat “perfect” every day. That is normal and you are only human. But don’t give up if you have a bad day either. Don’t wait until “next week” or “Monday” to begin healthy eating, start now and take each day as it comes.


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