by diana on February 28, 2011

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I am back from my trip to Panama and Costa Rica. It was such an amazing time and I miss being there!

We visited 2 Raw Food Retreats in Costa Rica which were just incredible!

Before I get further into this post I will let you know that while visiting a waterfall in Costa Rica I slipped and broke my wrist. My RIGHT wrist! I am typing with my left hand now – which is very slow. I have 4 weeks left with this cast and it is very challenging to so many things and I cannot even drive! Enough about that.

I will not type too much but show you some pictures of the amazing places we visited as well as give you links to their sites.

The first raw retreat we visited was Finca de Vida (Farm of Life) www.farmoflifecr.com in Costa Rica. Brian and Jody Cavali are fantastic hosts and wonderfully interesting, kind and generous people. This is a rereat people can stay at and heal through guidance and treatment by Brian and I highly recommend it.

Above is a picture of me relaxing in the sitting area at Finca de Vida.

This is a picture of our beautiful cabin we stayed in at the retreat.

This is the view from our deck. It was pretty amazing! It was a great place to sit and meditate, breath and take in the healing energy of the place. As you can see the farm was way up there!

Here I am in the fully stocked kitchen making a salad. For me it was a dream to have a outdoor-indoor raw food kitchen full of fresh veggies and fruit!

This is the open common area/kitchen at the retreat.

Raw Food Chef, Wilco Hermans from www.veggievibes.com and a guest, Selah, preparing a scrumptious dinner. T Finca de Vida you can prepare your own food or choose to take pat in the dinners prepared by the guest raw food chef.

The food!

Suppertime! We all sat around the same table and got to know each other. I met some fantastic people.

While at Finca de Vida we took a day trip to a farm called Jewel of the Sun.  We could view this farm in the distance from the deck of our cabin. My boyfriend and I, along with 3 other guests hiked to Jewel of the Sun. We followed a beautiful trail while listening to the incredible sounds of the jungle.

Above picture – Bananas that peel themselves! YES THAT IS RIGHT! Nature is so amazing. These are on the tree and notice how the peel curls away from the fruit. These are very small bananas. We tasted them and they taste great but contain many, many tiny very hard seeds you cannot eat. These are best left for birds and animals to enjoy.

Above pic – Finger Bananas. They are also smaller and shaped like fingers, hence their name. Very cool how many varieties of Bananas there are. We also saw some large, wide bananas but I didn’t get a picture of them. I guess they are very dense and starchy but good to eat.

Part of the tour owner Eric Ritvin took us on included a very tasty raw lunch. The above pic is the great pudding we started with. If you know proper food combing, dessert comes first.

Here we are at the table during lunch. Eric is in the green t-shirt. He is one extremely interesting person. I hope to do a more detailed blog post on him and his great work in the future.

Above is a picture of Eric scooping out a coconut sprout. I had never heard of this but after coconuts fall off the trees and sit for about 6 months the grow a good size sprout. Just like a bean would. When you see a coconut with a sprout coming out of it you can crack open the coconut and inside you will find an amazing spongy textured matter that fills the coconut. No water. The spongy matter inside can be eaten and it is THE BEST!  It tastes like coconut but it is soft and juicy – better than the regular coconut meat I think.

I wish I could share more pictures and info on my experiences at these two amazing retreats but please visit their web sites and I highly recommend going to Costa Rica yourself. I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!


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