Raw Nori Rolls & Raw Pad Thai Recipe Videos

by diana on January 13, 2011

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes



Ani Phyo making some raw nori rolls. I love avocado in my nori rolls along with thinly sliced red or yellow bell peppers and cucumbers. Add any veggie you like.

She doesn’t use a nori roller when she makes these. I usually do. They are a bamboo roller that you can buy really cheaply at a Asian market or store. I often bring the ingredients to work along with my roller and make them for lunch. Fast and easy! You may need to practice rolling them up if you have not done it before.

TIP:  I wet the end with water so that the roll sticks together. Ani did not do this in her video.


This next video is Ani Phyo making raw pad thai. This uses Kelp Noodles which as fantastic!!! If you are in Nanaimo you can get Kelp Noodles at Island Naturals or  Clinical Nutrition (in Cline Medical Clinic). Believe me, they are fantastic and your whole family will love them. They do not taste like seaweed. They actually have no taste so are great for any kind of noodle salad, pasta dish, stir fry, etc. Good for you and very yummy!! I soak them first in cool water and a bit of lemon. Just to soften them a touch. I also rip them apart otherwise they are very long.

If you have a silver bullet mixer that is great for mixing dressings in. You do not have to add the hot pepper if you do not have one or do not like your sauces hot. I also like Habanaro peppers which are not as hot but give things flavor. Or just skip the pepper.


I love visuals so here are two great videos on “how to” for you and I hope you try them! Let me know how they go!


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