by diana on October 8, 2010

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The affect of a raw food diet on cancer can be amazing. There are many stories out there – if you look – of people healing their bodies with the power of nutrition.

I believe in this very strongly. Live, nutrient-dense food is what our bodies need to work properly. We are meant to eat food. That is where our body gets the building blocks from. We know that. Yet, why do people continue to put “junk” and non-nutrient dense foods into their body? What affect do you think not feeding the body properly has on the way our body functions? The way it heals? The way it ages?

It seems like common sense that, just like a car, our body needs to be “fed” the right nutrients. You wouldn’t put sugar-water into your gas tank. You wound’t ignore it when it needs an oil  change. If your car begins to make horrible noises, or dark smoke comes out of the exhaust, or your brakes fail as you try to stop at a stop light….you wouldn’t ignore those signs would you?

Yet we continually ignore the signs of our body as it begins to break down. Cancer doesn’t happen all of sudden. It takes years. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. FEED YOUR BODY GOOD FOOD. You know what good foods are. Live, whole foods contain live enzymes our body requires. They also contain all the nutrients our body requires. Protein, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, etc. Dead “junk” food – does not not contain these – a packaged hamburger pattie or a hot dog – what good nutrients do you think are in there? Try nothing. They may be full of chemicals, fillers, preservatives, sulphites, nitrates, etc. Poisons to our body.

Below is a video from a vibrant woman (Kris Carr) who is a cancer survivor. She eats a very high raw diet. She was also interviewed by Dr Oz. She has a fantastic web site called which is fantastic! She also has a great DVD for sale on her journey with cancer. I have it and it is so inspiring. She has fantastic energy now and is truly authentic. Check out this great video with her handsome husband about juicing. I thought it was very cute. Remember to check out her site and she has more videos on YouTube.


This weekend is Thanksgiving (for us in Canada) and I know that it is a weekend of abudance food and food we don’t usually eat. Please watch what you eat. Eat “real” food – home-baked or home-made food. No packaged foods, eat more real foods instead of the packaged snack foods. If you usually eat a very high raw diet but this weekend you are at a relatives and they have all cooked food (even veggies), if you are ok with eating cooked foods then just chose wisely. I’m sure there is a variety to chose from and bring a huge salad with you. What cook doesn’t like when you bring part of the dinner?

Bring some extras like hemp seeds, raw nuts and seeds, chia seeds or gel, avocados, raw desserts, smoothies and or juices in jars so that you will have those with you. I do this all the time and it does not affend anyone. If it does remember that it is their “stuff” they are dealing with. It is not a reflection of you doing something wrong. Talk to them and explain that you chose to eat these foods, but don’t preach or push your views on them. Be an example of a healthy lifestyle which also means being a loving and accepting person.


Let us remember to give thanks for our health, our families, our friends, our relationships and our life.


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