Organic vs Non Organic Fruit

by diana on July 21, 2010

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Hello everyone

This will be short because I have a wopping headache!! I – trying to converse some cash – bought non-organic blueberries instead of blueberries and I have NOW LEARNED MY LESSON!!!

I brought the non-organic blueberries home yesterday and was really craving them so ate a whole bunch all day – got a headache. Went to bed, woke up with a bit of one and then have had a ton more blueberries today and now I am suffering BIG TIME!!!!

I have sensitivities to all preservatives, additives, colors, etc. I know this and should know better but I rinsed the blueberries good and just hoped they would be safe. The tasted good!

Don’t let taste fool you – fruit and veggies that are not organic are sprayed with chemicals. These chemicals ARE HARMFUL!! In the summer, we consume more fruit and RAW veggies – much more than in winter for most people (I consume all year). So if you are not buying organic then you are taking in more toxins over the summertime. These are building up in your body.

As most of you know, or should know that toxins that build up in the body are stored in fat. Your body cannot release fat if it needs the fat to store toxins – which it does.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE buy organic. It is more expensive but know that if non-organic blueberries are making me this sick – they are doing something inside of you – you just can’t “feel” it.

Remember - Cancer does not happen overnight. It builds and builds and as this is happening you are totally unaware that it is. You do not feel any pain. This is the way many diseases and illnesses happen. We may feel fine, but we are not fine. That is why it is so important to only put good things into your body.

Non-organic blueberries do not bother me if I have about 5-10 but it is the build up over time and/or having a lot at once where the toxins are just too much.

Think about your children also – they are so young and toxins are already building up in their body, from food, environment, junk foods, candies, cereals, etc. These WILL affect them – if not now – FOR SURE LATER!

So shop at Farmer’s Markets and local venders who do not spray their veggies or fruit and enjoy the taste and the fact that they are nourishing your body without loading your body with toxins.


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