Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

by diana on July 30, 2010

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Sesame Seeds

The dairy industry has convinced the pubic that dairy products are the best source of calcium. When people find out I eat a mostly raw food diet they ask “How do get enough calcium and protein?”. TV is full of ads marketed for kids and young adults about cheese, milk and yogurt and how good they are for us and how we must include them in our diet to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Then as women reach middle age (hate to say but around my age), they insist that we need more calcium, but now ads convince us we need to take supplements to attain all this calcium that we require so that we do not get osteoporosis. There are literally hundreds of calcium supplements designed for middle aged women. They hope we do not take the time to study the difference between calcium from food – vegetables, seeds, nuts – and synthetic calcium. If you look at the calcium supplements most resemble chalk and basically taste like it too. Doesn’t it make sense that our body is meant to receive its nutrients from food. How long have supplements been available for sale? What did people do before calcium supplements?

They got their nutrients from wild plants and fruit and veggies. I could go on and on in this post on why too much synthetic calcium can cause your body to pull calcium and magnesium from your bones and actually lead to arthritis but that is not want I wanted to publish in this particular post. You have head how some supplements should be consumed with other supplements which help them to be utilized better by the body. That is exactly why getting our nutrients from food is so much better. Mother nature knows best. But we must respect her and we must eat whole, live, organic foods because they have the perfect balance for us. If we get a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, then we will get most of the nutrients we require.

Question:  Where do you think a cow gets its calcium and protein from?

Answer:  GRASS!

Agar Seaweed

Greens are high in protein and calcium. Another great source of calcium is seaweed. I have a seaweed salad recipe on this site so check that out.


BELOW is a list of some great vegetable sources of calcium per 100 g:

Sesame Seeds (ok, not a vegetable – but plant based) – 1,160 mg (unbelievable!!)

Agar Seaweed – 567 mg

Dulse Seaweed – 296 mg

Collards – 250 mg

Kale – 249 mg

Turnip Greens (have never had these) – 246 mg

Almonds – 234 mg

Filberts (hazelnuts) – 209 mg

Parsley – 203 mg

Beet Greens – 119 mg

Broccoli – 103 mg

An 8 oz glass of milk is about 250 – 300 mg of calcium. But remember – milk is mucous forming and highly processed and dairy is a cause of many allergies, acne and skin conditions + contains fat.

So as you can see, the healthiest source of calcium is obtained from plant based food. Along with calcium the veggies listed above are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll.

So, for diary-free calcium

REMEMBER YOUR GREENS!! And of course sesame seeds (and/or tahini).


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