by diana on July 5, 2010

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Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and/or has experienced Night Terrors? READ ON…..

I believe that nutrition can heal almost everything. Something I am very passionate about is the “junk” that is out there and being marketed to kids. The food, cereals, candies – the poisons that are being sold to children and consumed by them. This is such a crime!!

Children need nutrients to grow, for their brains to form, grow and work properly. They need energy to play, to learn, to grow. It is only common sense to agree that we NEED to feed our children “REAL” food. Food that will nourish them – not destroy them.

YET……if you read labels on any of the “kids” boxed cereals, candies, packaged foods – what do you see??! Not a lot of real food and NO nutrients that they need.

I spoke to a mother on Saturday and it was so eye-opening I had to share it with you. I will be sharing more from her in the near future. She has 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl and her story of the problems with her 2 sons was heartbreaking. But….the most heartbreaking and shocking thing was that all their problems were caused by food colorings and additives. Stuff that is “FDA” approved!!! To me, this is a crime. The biggest crime around. These “poisons” as I call them, are in our food and being sold as safe and even being hidden and disguised – how bad is that!

I won’t share her whole story today because I haven’t written it out yet. She told me of a diet that completely helped her children. The diet is called the Feingold Diet. (wish I could make the font really large and color it but I cannot figure out how to do that!!! Can anybody help me?)



This web site contains a ton of fantastic information. If you have kids you MUST read this and look into it. If you know anyone with kids please pass this on to them.There is also a couple videos to watch.

Below is the video link below to the YouTube video on it.

Nutrition Help for ADHD Video

Another very interesting thing that the mother told me was that her youngest boy had also suffered from Night Terrors. If you have not heard of night terrors, googling information would be best but think of your child going through a terrifying nightmare that they cannot wake up from over and over and over again. It is so disturbing for kids to have to endure these. When she changed her son’s diet to the FEINGOLD DIET diet his NIGHT TERRORS ENDED!!! That is huge!

This confirms what I believe in my heart and soul – nutrition is the key. PLEASE, PLEASE pass information on because when a mother goes to a doctor for help – not knowing where else to turn and hoping to receive the best advice and help – what they are given are drugs. As time goes on more and more drugs need to be prescribed to them because of the side effects of the drugs they are currently on. It is nuts and it HAS TO BE STOPPED! The drugs do not cure or heal anything. They only bring on more symptoms, more health problems and who knows what else. They load the body with toxins and that is not what you need to do to a small child – imagine as they age and the toxins continue to build up – then what?

There are answers, I believe there always are.

I hope to do my own videos and even audio interviews real soon to get some powerful information and messages out there.

In the meantime, please read ALL labels, google the ingredients, notice also where the info is coming from to make sure it is not info from the distributor or manufacturer. Begin to eliminate the red food dye from your child’s diet (that is the worst kind). Think more whole, real food. You probably won’t be able to cut all the bad stuff out right away but begin now. Small steps lead to huge results.

I would love to hear comments, questions and suggestions from any of you. If your children have had an experience with ADHD, night terrors, symptoms caused by preservatives, colorings, flavourings, etc. Please share it so that we can help others.



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