Children’s Cereal – What the heck is it?

by diana on July 11, 2010

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Additives & Colorings in Children’s Food

– What Effects Could These Have?

Cereal Marketed to Children

Cereal - full of sugar, colors, additives, etc

Does this look like food?

One of the worst!

In my last post I talked about a mother who discovered the Feingold Diet after 2 of her sons had health and behavioural problems. Her story will probably be my next post.

If you look at these cereals that are marketed directly to children it becomes obvious that we MUST read labels because even though it says – “this is for kids, it is food, they can eat it” – we MUST use common sense and look at the ingredients and decide – “Hmmmm, is this something I want o give my children who I love with all my heart and I want to grow up healthy and happy?” The answer to that question must be “NO!” It is NOT FOOD for one and it is NOT healthy for them and contains NO nutrients. These cereals actually contain more HARMFUL ingredients than any form of “good ingredients”. There is absolutely no nutrition in them. They are FULL of sugar and harmful chemical dyes that are extremely dangerous for anyone when consumed consistently and build up in their system. Some people have very bad reactions even from having them once – like me and the sons of the woman I was speaking about.

I have been e-mailing back and forth with the mother “Sara” and yesterday she sent an e-mail and I asked if I could share a paragraph from that e-mail. I felt it was a very personal, truthful and heart wrenching statement that makes this whole issue a little more real. Here it is:

I’m so glad you found the Feingold website informative. I really believe that the information I got from Feingold saved Luke’s life. The food would never have killed him directly but I don’t doubt for a second that suicide or drug abuse were in his very near future before we learned how to help him. In fact, I wonder how much of my own childhood depress ion and drug addiction was a result of chemical reactions from the crap in my food. My only heartbreak is the 13 years of pain and misery he had to suffer before I figured it out. Every time I see someone feeding their kids a bright blue cupcake I cringe.

This really shows the reality of it and why I am taking a bit of time to do some posts on this.

Because of my sensitivities and reactions to chemicals and preservatives, etc. I experienced, I continued to refine my diet until I am where I am now, which is a high raw diet.

When illness is reversed, when symptoms disappear, when moods change for the better, when night terrors stop, when migraines go away, etc, etc. when these foods with food dyes, preservatives and additives are eliminated from the diet – that those things were the cause. I also believe that the rise in autism has a lot to do with toxins and reactions to various toxins in foods and the environment.

I have read stories of people curing their MS, cancer, arthritis, ADHD, digestive problems, migraines, etc. by going on a raw food diet and/or a diet that takes out all food preservatives and dyes. IT WORKS!

I believe we can then conclude that they CAUSE or are part of the cause of those symptoms, illnesses, diseases, conditions, etc.

There are numerous symptoms and health problems listed on the website so I will only mention a few below:

Health Problems:

Ear infections, asthma, bed-wetting, daytime wetting, stomachaches, headaches, migraines, hives, rashes, eczema, leg aches, constipation, diarrhea, congestion, seizures (if combined with migraine or hyperactivity), resistance to going to bed, difficulty falling asleep, restless/erratic sleep, nightmares, bad dreams.

Behaviour Problems:

Constant motion, running instead of walking, inability to sit still, inappropriate wiggling of legs/hands, poor self-control, unpredictable behavior, disruptive behavior, unresponsive to discipline, abusive behavior, unkindness to pets, destructive behaviors (throws, breaks things), little or no recognition to danger to self, inappropriate noises, excessive or loud talking and  interrupts often, aggression, repeating of an activity, touching things or people excessively, chewing on clothing, other objects, scratching, biting and picking at skin, low frustration tolerance, demands immediate attention, irritability, overreaction to touch, pain, sounds and lights, mood swings, low self-esteem, depression, frequent crying, suicidal thoughts.

WOW – and these are not all! It is hard to believe and everyone probably has some of these traits. But when they are constant and excessive they cause a problem. Look at the foods eaten at those times.

If you feel you or your children or anyone you know could be suffering because of this, please look at the web site and find out more. Begin to make healthier food choices – whole, natural foods and organic if you can. Begin to change things and notice the difference.

I would love to hear your comments or experiences.


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