by diana on May 30, 2010

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes


This raw seaweed salad not only looks good but it is good and it is also extremely good for you!

I made this with Wakame seaweed, which is inexpensive to buy and very easy to find at grocery stores and health food stores.

Wakame is a mild flavoured seaweed and not that salty. It blends with veggies really well. I love sea vegetables but some people have a problem with their slippery texture. It may be something to get used to but the benefits of including sea vegetables are numerous. (more below on their nutrition)

Salad Ingredients:
1/4 C Savoy Cabbage
1/4 – 1/3 C Red & Yellow bell pepper
1/4 C Cucumber
Pieces of slivered carrots
2 Green onions
1/4 C or less of Dried Wakame Seaweed (soak in filtered water for about 20 min then drain)
Sesame or hemp seeds to mix in after (optional)

Dressing Ingredients:
5 Tbsp Grape seed oil (or Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
2 Tbsp Braggs (can use nama shoyu or tamari)
1 tsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
(Taste dressing and adjust ingredients to your taste)

For Salad:
Put the dry wakame in a bowl. Add filtered water to cover it and more. It will swell a lot in the bowl. If needed, add more water as you see it needs it. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes until it is ready.

Cut veggies you are going to add to salad. I like cutting them in thin strips.

Once Wakame is soaked enough, pour the seaweed and the water into a colander and let it drain. I then take the wakame in my hands and squeeze the excess water out of it. You can also use paper towels to try and dry it a bit.

For Dressing:
Start with oil and then add lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Mix well. Then add other ingredients and mix, taste and see if you need to add more lemon or other ingredients.

Put the wakame in a bowl and add cut veggies. Then mix in dressing a bit at a time. Taste as you mix it in and how much you add depends on your taste.

Why include seaweed (or sea vegetables) into your diet?

Because of the nutrients they contain.

Studies have found that a compound in wakame can help burn fatty tissue. It is also used in topical beauty treatments.

Wakame is rich in protein, calcium, iodine, magnesium, iron, lignans and folate.

In oriental medicine it is used for blood purification, intestinal strenth, skin, hair, reproductive organs and menstrual regularity.

If you are not sure if you would like this, start with less wakame and more vegetables. That is the best way to include something new into your diet, especially if you have never tried it before.

I hope you enjoy this recipe


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