by diana on May 24, 2010

in Raw & Vegetarian Recipes

I JUST LOVE KELP NOODLES! Have you tried them?

If you have not yet tried Kelp Noodles then I suggest you give them a try real soon. Once you do and realize their versatility and goodness you will add them to your weekly meals.

All they require is rinsing and soaking in water for a bit and then mix them with your favourite ingredients. I love them with cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, cilantro and green onions. You can also add tomatoes, broccoli, daikon, etc. The possibilities are endless!!

The dressings and sauces you can add to them are also endless. You can make Pad Thai, you can make a delicious peanut sauce (with raw almond buter), for them which is really good!! You can simply add an oil with lemon juice and some himalyan salt. Flavour them as you wish.

They do not have any flavour themselves. They are a lot like rice noodles but do not require cooking so are very fast. I have not put them in a soup but I am sure you can.

In Nanaimo, BC I got the Kelp noodles at a place called Clinical Nutrition which is in the Cline Medical Clinic on Pirdeaux Street. She also has many other great raw food supplies as well as dehydrators and blenders.

If you live in a big city that has many sources to buy raw food then you probably won’t have a problem find them.

It is always good to try something new. I know I get in the habit of preparing the same food over and over, even though I love it, I still need to grow and expand my recipe base. If you don’t, you may get bored of eating this way and be tempted to grab an old favourite that may not be good for you. That may then lead to more old “favourites” or “junkie” food that is different and easy to grab. Old habits…….

Remember – keep it interesting – but keep it simple!!


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