McHappy Day – Not a Happy Day

by diana on May 5, 2010

in Healthy Snacks, Food & Recipes for Kids

It is McHappy Day here (maybe other places in North Americal also, I am not sure).

I think this is really crazy! I mean selling “junk” and as I believe “poisonous food” to raise money for children’s hospital and or Ronald McDonald House!! Absolutely crazy! I strongly support and believe in the children’s hospital and the fantastic facility of Ronald McDonald House but bringing kids to McDonalds and having them eat that junky, fatty, unhealthy food is really the wrong way to do it.

I don’t know if that bothers anyone else but it really bothers me. Getting more people to eat Big Macs will only contribute to the disease and obesity that is already growing in North America.

I agree with raising money for charity, well actually I believe more in raising awareness as to what people can and need to do to prevent disesase, illness and obsesity.

It is like fighting and protesting against war but not promoting peace.

Promoting the very high fat and unhealthy food, chemicals, preservatives just so $1.00 of each sale can go to cancer research or Ronald McDonald house, etc is so wrong to me.

We need a place where people can go, buy healthy, nutritious food and then $1.00 of that be donated. At least we would be spreading health! What example is being shown by encouraging kids, teenagers, parents to come in and buy food that lead to disease.


I know there are fantastic movements out there promoting healthy, nutritious foods – real foods – and that is great. We need to step it up! We need to reach the masses and let them know that the way to STOP illness, obesity, and all forms of cancer is to PREVENT it it!!!

Obviously all the money that has poured into cancer research in the last 10-20 years has not stopped it – it is bigger than ever! There are more people than EVER being diagnosed with some form of cancer and what will our future hold!!

People MUST realize that WHAT YOU EAT DOES determine your health.

Sorry for this post that seems a little angry but I just came back from lunch and the radio station I love was promoting McHappy Day (and has been big time all day) and encouraging people to go to McDonalds and “buy a Big Mac” – I say buy one then throw it out!!!

Better yet – DONATE MONEY TO THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE – whatever it is!

Now I take a deep slow breath and relax myself. I do feel good that I am holding classes and coaching sessions promoting healthy eating because I believe in my heart that nutrition is the answer.


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