by diana on May 7, 2010

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I have been coaching 8 wonderful women for the last 5 weeks and have really enjoyed it!!

It is a 6 week coaching program – A Pathway to Wellness – or a journey to eating healthy. Whatever we call it, I have learned so much from them and am so happy to hear about their successes.

I will have some comments from them on my blog next week, once the program is finished. I also hope to put up video real soon – but I will be changing and moving my blog.

The 8 women are all different and all starting from a different stage of healthy eating. That is what makes it so interesting and I am sure they have enjoyed learning and sharing with each other.

We just had our 5th week meeting last night (we meet 1 x a week for 2 hours on a Thursday night), and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I will miss them when the 6 weeks are over but hopefully we can continue on in some way.

It is so exciting for me to hear how they have changed their eating and lifestyle for the better and how much have learned about themselves and their body in such a short period of time.

5 weeks may sound like a long time but with regards to our eating habits and patterns that took us years and years to develop – 5 weeks is a very short time.

Awareness, knowledge and understanding in why it is important to eat healthy and when you do how you become more aware of how your body feels when you don’t. That is huge and I remember when I began to notice the subtle changes in my body and when my body awareness changed. What a difference that makes!

We talked about how with other diets you end up taking a lot away – things you used to eat and enjoy. The “good-tasting foods” but didn’t have anything “good” to replace them with.

With what we have done during this journey – is to learn what great tasting and healthy foods you put into your diet. You are adding very nutrient dense foods that taste as good as they are for you. This helps tremendously! If we just focus on what we “cannot have” then we will always feel there is a lack of something. That we are “missing” something. When we focus on what we “can” have and enjoy the process of learning to prepare the good, wholesome and great tasting live foods then there is no feeling of lack.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with them and assisted them on this journey into wellness and I look forward to a new group of people anxious and willing to learn about the health benefits of incorporating whole, live foods into their diet.

I love showing them how and what they can prepare and providing recipes that they take on and make their own.

I hope to start a new 6 week coaching program in June. If anyonen is interested my contact information is on the side of this blog or send a comment and I will get that.

I am doing a FREE Introduction to Raw Food session tonight in Parksville at the Hot N Cool Yoga Club (a beautiful yoga studio). I love what I do because I get to share health with people and it is my passion.

It is not about “eating ALL raw” it is about finding what works for you and learning why it is so important to eat healthy because how you eat now and how you treat yourself and your body will directly affect what your future looks like.


I would love to hear your comments!


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