by diana on April 18, 2010

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Many people transition into a raw diet because of a health reason. That was it for me.

Over the years I have been eating cleaner and cleaner. Not necessarily because I knew it was the right thing to do but because of how “bad” food was making me feel.

My sensitivities to preservatives and white flours, fried foods, etc made me feel so horrible that I had no choice but to stay away from them. If I wanted to feel good – I had to eat clean.

The only thing is, the cleaner I eat, the less of the “bad” foods I can tolerate. Which is good for health reasons but it does get hard when travelling or gone for the whole day and trying to find foods to eat that will agree with me.

Even though I am almost all raw now, I still have problems with my digestion. What I am finding is that food combining is a HUGE thing for me and I have to follow the rules or else….

This for me is a great challenge because I am a snacker. Even though I snack on good foods, I had never paid attention on how I was combining the foods, what I was eating when and how I was mixing the various foods together. That caused me so much grief.

Below is a salad that I am going to eat for a few days now – it is simple and a few ingredients

The salad contains: Cucumbers, lettuce, parsley and quinoa.

You can use sprouted quinoa or cooked quinoa. I soak quinoa overnight or all day, then I boil some water, add the qunioa and then cover and let sit. It will cook very fast. I have used sprouted quinoa and like that also.

The dressing I use is:
Olive oil, lemon juice, cumin and cinnamon. That is it!

Great, simple, tasty and easy. Also – a few ingredients so it is easy on digestion. I chop the parsley very fine and make sure I chew it well.

Parsley is high alkaline, a rich sourc eof Vit K, C, A, folate and iron. Good source of antioxidants.

Cucumbers are also highly alkaline. They are good for your hair, skin and nails. They contain potassium, silica, Vit A, C manganese, trptophan, magnesium and chlorophyll. Cucumber juice is a great cleansing juice.

I add cucumbers into my green smoothie also.

Food combining is very important if someone is transitioning into raw foods and have digestive problems. Different foods digest at different rates. When we eat various foods together, the digestion of foods that nromally pass rapidly through the digestive track can be delayed by more slowly digested food. This results in gas, bloating, heartburn and other digestive problems.

Fruit digests fast whereas nuts and seeds digest slow. Sugar and sweets diegest faster so dessert is actually better before a meal or hours after once food has been digested.

It seems easy but if your digestion is really slow then you are faced with wondering how many hours after a meal can you eat a piece of fruit or a dessert. Since everyone is different you have to get to know your body and that can take a little while.

My digestion is extremely slow so I eat all my fruit in the morning and then I eat the veggies – salads, etc then I get to heavier food. So if I feel like an apple in the afternoon – I cannot have one. Or I pay for it with a lot of discomfort. I hope this eventually gets better the longer I eat healthy and let my body heal.

If you are transitioning to a more raw food diet and are noticing some real discomforts then you may need to pay attention to food combining. A way to start is by eating simple foods without a lot of ingredients.

More on this in future posts

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