by diana on April 23, 2010

in All the other good stuff

It is wonderful when you open yourself up and see what unfolds.

So often I am closed and stressed and busy in my everyday life. I become very focused on ‘Me” what do I have to do, what am I worried about? What is next for me?

Things that keep me in myself – and not in a good way – disconnected with the world.

Even though I am a yoga teacher and raw food chef – both that are supposed to bring you closer to the universal consciousness and the connection between everything and everyone, I see myself controlled by my ego for much of the time.

Because I have my own business and am trying work at a “job” and do my own business on the side, I tend to always have something to do and think about. It gets pretty overwhelming. Many people have been where I am so that gives me comfort.

I now have 2 days off a week (from my regular job) to go to coffee shops, work on my business and just be. I am becoming clearer on what I really want in life and what is important.

I have been on raw food for almost a year now and I have to say that it has been the last month of so that I am feeling – an extra something – CLARITY! I have been waiting for this!!!

Funny, I thought it would have to come at a time when I was alone, in a retreat, relaxed, with nothing on my mind or nothing else to do. Here is comes at an extremely busy time of my life. But hey – I welcome it.

I have met some great people in the last 2 weeks. Just being open and noticing and making eye contact and not being afraid to strike up a conversation. It is great!!

I have put out to the universe the type of people I want to meet and what I need help with.

I have met some of those people so far and it is so cool when this happens.

I know we are always manifesting – good and bad. That is how our universe works. Look around you – you have manifested everything in your life, whether you want to believe that or not and whether or not you want to accept the responsibility.

I have had my first colonics session today and wow!! This has added to the clarity I have to say. Getting cleaned out! I have two more sessions to go.

I have also done recent juice fasts (just short ones). I have been trying to heal my body more and I feel the layers are being peeled away; the layers that needed healing.

What I hope to attract now is someone who can help me with fixing up this blog and setting up a nice looking web site. I have also wanted to connect with like minded people so that a community can be formed of people wanting to work together support each other, do some joint ventures and sessions together. I feel that is really important.

Connections and more connections. I believe we attract the right people into our lives at the right time and when we are ready. Everyone is a gift and has something to teach us about ourselves.

I was given some excellent advice from a woman – she simply said “Do more of what you love.”

So simple yet so true. I was always waiting until I could do it, waiting until I had time, waiting until I had a web site, waiting, waiting …….. and not doing.

After she told me this, I took action and simply began doing what I love. It was the best thing I could do! When I get frustrated and discouraged I think about her simple, yet powerful words.

“Do more of what you love.”

It grounds me and brings me back to my purpose, my mission, etc.

It is very exciting to see things unfold and to accept them, let them happen and stay in the flow. I also notice that when I am feeling good – keeping positive then life flows and people come to me and things happen.

When I am down and being negative, frustrated, angry and sad, then I feel stuck and things around me are stuck. It is all about energy so I move the energy – get out of the rut and into thinking about what I want, doing more of what I love and believing that I can have the life I really dream about having.


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