by diana on April 28, 2010

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On April 25th I held a raw food dehydrating session in Nanaimo.

I had 6 fabulous people attend and I had a great afternoon with them. Here is the group:

I spent a few days preparing for this – especially when it comes to dehydrating food – it is a lot of preparation and then a lot of time to dehydrate the various dishes that I prepared.

I have a few pictures below of some of the things we enjoyed on this day.

Here is a picture of some raw granola that I made. It was sooo good!! I loved granola (cooked) when I used to eat cooked. Food. I made my own back then also but it was a lot different!!

I love crunchy food and I used to LOVE my granola. I have included the recipe for you to try:
Ground soaked almonds, Raisins, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts, cashews, pecans (cut into pieces – all optional), Coconut, Soaked buckwheat (optional), Honey or agave, 4-5 Dates (soaked), Water, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Nutmeg
(amount of each that you use depends on how much you want to make. Delete some ingredients or add others – whatever you like. It really doesn’t matter.
Soak almonds in a bowl for about 8-10 hours
In another bowl combine all ingredients except dates and spices
Add filtered water just enough to cover the ingredients

You can soak these ingredients overnight or soak them for about 1 hour.
Put the soaked mixture in a strainer and drain the excess water.
Place the soaked almonds in a food processor and process – keep them chunky
Add the chopped almonds to the big bowl containing the other ingredients – add the spices

Put dates in food processor with some water and honey – process until creamy
Add the date paste to the bowl of ingredients and combine. Use your hands or spoon and mix well. The amount of dates you use depends on how much granola you are making. If the date paste does not cover all the mixture – make more date paste and add it.

Transfer that mixture on to dehydrator sheet(s) and dehydrate to desired crunchiness.
Below are some other delicious things that I made for the group to try:


KALE CHIPS – is there anything better!
& BRAZIL ENERGY BARS – full of goodness!



These are just some of the things that we had at the session. I also showed them how to improvise a cracker and bread recipe with ingredients you may have left over and in the fridge. That part of love – I hardly ever follow a recipe. I look at a recipe and see what ingredients are used, I may use those and add more or use the recipe, delete some ingredients and ad some others I know would taste better.

It is all about personal taste. With practice and trial and error you learn what combinations work best and what you like best. I do the same with the energy bars, granola and biscotti. Dehydrated cookies are the same.

Have fun! Be creative!

Start with a base – for crackers it can be ground flax or buckwheat. For cookies and energy bars it is usually ground nuts. Seeds, spices, dried fruit and herbs are what you add and play with.

You need an ingredients that binds them together. For crackers and bread it is the soaked flax meal or soaked chia seeds or whole flax seeds. For energy bars or cookies it is the dates or dried fruit or even honey or agave.

Taste as you add ingredients. One thing that is great about raw food is that you can taste it as you make it and get a pretty good idea what it will taste like when done.

Make a smaller batch if you have not made something before. Or divide batter up and put in different bowls and then in each bowl add something different for a different taste and see which one you like.

You can add soaked sun-dried tomatoes, tomatoes and italian seasonings to a cracker or bread batter.

You can add curry, cumin, corriander, salt, cilantro to another.

Etc, Etc. There are just so many things you can do. Be inventive!! and BE FEARLESS!


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