by diana on March 22, 2010

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I had another Introduction to Raw Food Session in Nanaimo, BC this Sunday, March 21st. I had a fantastic group of ladies attend and we had a great time and tasted some wonderful food.

I love doing the introduction sessions because it is exciting to listen and watch people who may not have been exposed to the variety of the raw foods that can be prepared. They come in not knowing what to expect and then leave inspired and motivated to begin a healthier lifestyle.

My passion is definately sharing my love of whole, nutrient dense foods with others.

So sorry I do not have pictures to share. I did not have an assistant that day so I was kept very busy and forgot to take pictures. Very disappointed about that.

After the session, I cleaned up and then went for a walk outside.
This is a picture of some cherry blossoms. They are so incredible! They are in bloom and when they fill a whole tree like they do – it takes your breath away.
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The evenings are lighter and warmer and perfect for a walk. I live in an area where a 5 minute walk takes me to beautiful rural pastures, acreages, country roads, vinyards, streams, lakes, etc. There are Gary Oak Trees, Cherry Blossom Trees, Cedar Trees, Maple Trees, Grape Vines, Fruit Trees and numerous others. The trees are budding and in bloom and the multi-coloured wild flowers are popping up everywhere.
Wild flowers and daffodils. Spring really inspires me and these walks are a perfect time for
That is what I worked on during that walk. I reflected on the wonderful people that I have met since holding the raw food sessions and the great contacts I am making with others in the industry and related wellness field. It is really great to meet like-minded people.
I used to try and meditate first thing in the morning or in the evening – these are times when I may have had a moment of free time. But when I tried – I usually fell asleep.
I noticed that the best time for me to meditate and manifest is when I am going for a walk or a run outside. I am calm, relaxed, in a positive state of mind, awakened by the fresh air and I am able to be IN the moment.
You don’t have to be sitting in complete quiet and stillness to meditate or work on manifesting. You can do what calms you, what centers you. Maybe it is yoga, stretching, walking, running, etc.
I also use this time to go over all the things I am greatful for. I start my walks by going through all the things I am truly greatful for and thanking the universe for bringing those into my life. Then I think about what I want to manifest in the future. I become very clear, I visualize the life I want.
With the nicer weather and lighter evenings I am able to do this more and that is probably why I love Spring and Summer so much. Without taking this time to walk in the country side, to be in nature, I notice my energy and moods dropping. Spring gives me hope and makes my dreams come alive.
I hope you all take time to walk in nature, get outside. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, calm your mind, be in the moment, soak in your surroundings and be in awe of the world. You will become inspired again.
Please comment and let me know what you love about Spring.

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