by diana on March 17, 2010

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Hello everyone

It has been too long since I have written in this and I apologize. I want to commit to at least 3 x a week to write and put in recipes.

Soon I will be brave enough to add some videos – I know – I just have to DO IT!

This is a great sugar free, dairy free ice cream that is so very easy. The only thing you will need is some frozen bananas.

I buy bananas (always organic), then I wait for them to ripen – make sure they have brown spots on outside and are softer. You should always eat ripe fruit, it is better for digestion.

Cut ripe bananas up and put in freezer bags and pop in freezer. I am always buying bananas because they are green when you buy them so there is that waiting period until they ripen.

To make the Ice Cream:

  • I use a small food processor for this.
  • Put some frozen bananas into food processor – and process!
Yes, that is all!! See – it is super easy!

  • Keep processing until it is nice and smooth. Be careful not to overprocess so that the bananas start to melt.
  • Scoop out of food processor into a bowl and enjoy!!
  • You can top with nuts, seeds, fruit, cacao sauce – anything. In the picture above I topped mine with some cacao syrup I made from coconut oil, raw cacao powder and some sweetener (agave).

I guarnatee you that everyone will love this and give it a try with frozen mangos or other fruit. Bananas work really well because they have a creamy consistency when blended.

Let me know what your favourite topping would be.


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